Thoughtful Reduction -> Simplicity -> Beautiful Experience

Beautiful Experience

You drive in search of a restaurant, miles away, because it came with a recommendation, ignoring the snarling traffic and all the other challenges to get there. Is it the food or is it an experience? I believe it is an experience that we seek, and food is part of that experience. Most likely, the person who recommended had a positive experience and hence referred you to go there.

A good book offers an enjoyable experience according to your sensibilities. It takes you through a journey engaging all your senses. You stay in a five-star hotel for the experience, where every minute detail is taken care of, where all your needs are addressed seamlessly. A movie is an experience. A beautiful movie is one where every character is well-thought or well-defined. Well-thought to touch human sensibilities.

When you offer a beautiful experience to your users, you’ll win their hearts and that lasts longer.

Being Thoughtful

Being thoughtful is giving experience to users you serve in a way that goes beyond their expectations, showing consideration for their needs. A user wants to be surprised and delighted. Being thoughtful means, keeping the user’s sensibilities in mind through the entire journey of designing that experience.

A good experience is invariably the thoughtfulness of several people whose only motto is offering you a great, enjoyable, memorable experience.

Thoughtful Reduction -> Simplicity

Simplicity is maximum impact achieved with minimum means. Something simple is easy to comprehend and hence intuitive. It doesn’t need manuals, rule books to go through. Typically, simple things are made complicated by acts of carelessness, lack of knowledge, or desire to be complicated. It requires incredible subject knowledge and intuitive thinking. Good intuition comes from years of observation and a clear understanding of how things work.

Simplicity isn’t empty space for the sake of empty space. It isn’t less for the sake of less. It isn’t reduction for the sake of reduction. Simplicity is achieved through thoughtful reduction, which is a complicated task.

Putting it all together

Thoughtful Reduction -> Simplicity -> Beautiful Experience

Achieve simplicity through thoughtful reduction to give your users a beautiful experience.

A user wants to be surprised and delighted but, not at the cost of functionality. Take care of your users, offer them an experience embedding all the complexity to build a beautiful experience.