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SanerNow 6.1 Release: What’s New In-Store?

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We have some amazing new features, product enhancements, new OS supports and bug fixes with the SanerNow 6.1 release.

What’s New in SanerNow 6.1

  • Agentless Scanner: We have introduced an Agentless Scanner that brings a unique approach to performing security assessments remotely while retaining the super speed and scan accuracy. With this, you will be able to assess all your devices without having to deploy an agent on the endpoints, servers, and workstations.
  • Device Tagging: We have introduced Device Tagging, a new feature to help IT teams manage devices in their organization effectively. Device Tagging allows you to add, modify, and delete tags for device(s) present within the organization. You can further leverage the tags to create custom groups, search filters, perform tag-based operations across the product, and execute remediation jobs/rules.
  • CMDB (Configuration Management Database) Discovery, Import and Export of data:
    • SanerNow discovery data with Configuration Items (CI) can be exported in the CMDB schema.
    • You can now import information about devices and their assigned tags from CMDB into SanerNow. At the same time, you can export information on devices and their tags from SanerNow to your respective CMDB.
    • You can now import  Configuration Items (CIs) from an external CMDB into SanerNow. At the same time, you can export the CI information of all the IT assets discovered by SanerNow to a CMDB format.
  • Proof of Detection: You will now have deeper insights into vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and why they were detected as vulnerable on your devices in SanerNow. With an intuitive representation of the detection summary, you can easily understand vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with clear evidence.
  • Introduction of NIST CSF and STIG benchmarks: We have introduced compliance benchmarks for NIST CSF (Cybersecurity Framework) and STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guides) in the SanerNow CM (Compliance Management) module. You will now be able to assess devices against NIST CSF and STIG benchmarks and also mitigate the configuration deviations to align with the benchmarks.
  • Using  SanerNow Agentless Scanner, you can perform an on-demand scan for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on your devices without permanently installing SanerNow Agent. Also, Agentless Scanner allows you to schedule scans to run periodically.
  • The scanner supports SMB, SSH (Secure Shell) based authentication to remote targets.
  • We have enhanced the Network Scanner functionality to authenticate to endpoints and run scans securely. This feature allows you to gain deeper insights into the security posture of your devices by detecting all the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


  • Faster Security Content Download: We have revamped our cloud infrastructure to enable SanerNow Agents to download security intelligence content faster using the Content Delivery Network (CDN). You must ensure that and are added to your firewall’s whitelist to get optimal performance from SanerNow Agents deployed on your systems.
  • Risk Prioritization Inclusion in Cyber Hygiene Score: SanerNow Cyber Hygiene Score computation will factor in Risk Prioritization in addition to the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), Common Configuration Enumeration (CCEs), Missing Patches, and Posture Anomalies.
  • Enabled monitoring for LUKS Partitions: We have introduced LUKS (Linux Unified Key Setup) encryption monitoring capability for Linux devices. You can now monitor drives encrypted with Linux Key Setup encryption using the SanerNow Posture Anomaly (PA) tool.

New Operating Systems Supported

SanerNow Agents will now support IBM AIX (Beta Release) operating system.

Additionally, SanerNow Agents will support Windows 10 IoT Enterprise edition, and Windows 11 IoT Enterprise edition operating systems.

To know more about the release, refer to the Release Notes

With the new features and enhancements we bring in SanerNow 6.1, I’m sure SanerNow can help you keep vulnerabilities under check and cyberattacks at bay even more effectively. Furthermore, we’ve already started working on building new features that will be part of our future releases.

However, as our valuable customers, if you’ve any feature or enhancement suggestions to help you improve your experience with SanerNow, please send them to us at [email protected]

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