In the last few days, we saw how “WannaCry” ransomware crippled 3 million Windows systems around 150 countries. To understand the technical details on “WannaCry”, read our previous blog.

WannaCry Geographical Target Distribution

How to protect against “WannaCry”:
There are two methods,
1. Solution: Fix the vulnerability by applying patch mentioned in MS17-010 (Recommended)
2. Workaround: Disable SMBv1

Read Protecting Against “WannaCry” Using Saner Solution white paper to understand how Saner can help organizations to protect against “WannaCry” ransomware and similar attacks.

Defending against “WannaCry” Ransomware using Saner Solution
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Defending against “WannaCry” Ransomware using Saner Solution
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SecPod Technologies
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