Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for February 2016

MS Patch Tuesday December 2015

Microsoft February 2016 Patch Tuesday bring 13 Security Bulletins, which is addressing 37 vulnerabilities. Six are rated as Critical and 7 are Important.

Following six bulletins are rated as CriticalMS16-009 for Internet Explorer.  MS16-011 for Microsoft Edge. MS16-012 for Windows PDF Library.  MS16-013 for Windows Journal. MS16-015 for Microsoft Office and MS16-022  for Adobe Flash Player.


Microsoft security bulletin summary for February 2016 in order of severity

MS16-009 : Vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (3134220)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software: Internet Explorer
Impact: Remote Code Execution.

MS16-011 : Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge (3134225)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software: Microsoft Edge
Impact:  Remote Code Execution.

MS16-012 : Vulnerabilities in PDF Library (3138938)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software:  Windows PDF Library
Impact:  Remote Code Execution

MS16-013 : Vulnerability in Windows Journal (3134811)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software: Windows Journal
Impact:  Remote Code Execution

MS16-015 : Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office (3134226)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software: Microsoft Office
Impact:  Remote Code Execution

MS16-022 : Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player (3135782)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software: Adobe Flash Player
Impact: Remote Code Execution .

MS16-016 : Vulnerability in WebDAV (3136041)
Severity Rating:  Important
Affected Software: WebDAV
Impact:  Elevation of Privilege

MS16-017 : Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Display Driver (3134700)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software: Remote Desktop Display Driver
Impact: Elevation of Privilege

MS16-018 : Vulnerability in Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers  (3136082)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software: Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers
Impact: Elevation of Privilege

MS16-019 : Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework (3137893)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software: .NET Framework
Impact:  Denial of Service

MS16-020 : Vulnerability in Active Directory Federation Services (3134222)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software: Active Directory Federation Services
Impact: Denial of Service

MS16-021 : Vulnerability in  NPS RADIUS Server (3133043)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software:  NPS RADIUS Server
Impact: Denial of Service

MS16-014 : Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows  (3134228)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software:  Microsoft Windows
Impact: Remote Code Execution



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