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CISA-SSVC-based Risk Prioritization is Better than Yours: Know Why?

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In today’s evolving business landscape, the complexity and density of modern Enterprise IT networks contribute to an expansive and vulnerable attack surface. Enterprise IT Security Teams confront an infinite number of risks, spanning from cybersecurity threats to deviations in regulatory compliance. Navigating and mitigating these risks through patch management tool is imperative to ensure business operations’ resilience and continuity.

However, with time constraints and the rapid exploitation of potential vulnerabilities, mitigating each risk with only patch management is a formidable challenge. It leads us to the crucial question of which security risk should be addressed first and CVSS is not enough.

CVSS-based Prioritization is Outdated!

The first thought that hits our mind while answering the question is to use CVSS-based risk prioritization. Although it provides an initial point of prioritizing vulnerabilities based on assigned CVSS scores, it eliminates other factors such as business impact, asset criticality, and more.

And what about the vulnerabilities without an assigned CVSS score?

These shortfalls highlight the need for a cutting-edge risk prioritization tool integrated into IT infrastructure. Modern organizations and their IT security teams require a solution that can swiftly address millions of security risks, ensuring robust protection in the face of an ever-evolving threat landscape.

CISA-SSVC-based Vulnerability Risk Prioritization

CISA released the stakeholder-specific vulnerability categorization (CISA-SSVC) that assesses vulnerabilities and prioritizes remediation efforts based on business context and vulnerability characteristics such as exploitability, automatability, technical impact, and mission prevalence parameters.

It categorizes the vulnerabilities into four categories, namely, Act, Attend, Track, and Track*.

Act – The vulnerability requires attention and necessary actions, including requesting assistance or information about the vulnerability and publishing a notification either internally or externally.

Attend – It is similar to Act but needs to be remediated sooner than the standard timelines.

Track* – Vulnerabilities detected will have specific characteristics and will require closer monitoring for changes. Remediation should be done within the standard update timelines.

Track – The vulnerability in this section does not require immediate action. Continue to track the vulnerability and reassess it if new information becomes available.

CISA-SSVC risk prioritization categories

These categories give a much deeper view of vulnerabilities that would need immediate attention. To understand more about CISA-SSVC-based prioritization, download :

Speed Up Your Journey of Zillion to Zero Vulnerabilities with SanerNow Risk Prioritization

SecPod’s SanerNow Risk Prioritization (RP) is the world’s first CISA-SSVC based tool designed for the complexities of the network landscape. Integrated into the SanerNow Advanced Vulnerability Management platform, it integrates asset criticality, exploitability, business context, and vulnerability intelligence in alignment with CISA-SSVC model. This data analysis empowers SanerNow to offer comprehensive visibility into security risks, facilitating prioritization and seamlessly integrating remediation into a continuous process.

By categorizing security risks into Act, Attend, Track*, and Track, SanerNow RP simplifies the task of risk prioritization. Operating on top of SanerNow’s robust vulnerability detection and mitigation engine, RP accelerates the vulnerability remediation process, enhances overall security posture, and simplifies the vulnerability management lifecycle.

CISA-SSVC : Risk Prioritization dashboard

Why SanerNow Risk Prioritization?


      • Comprehensive Insight and Clear Understanding of Security Risks to Minimize Vulnerable Attack Surfaces:
        SanerNow Risk Prioritization offers a thorough overview of your attack surface, enabling you to minimize the exploitable attack surface of your organization promptly. Moreover,it actively scans for diverse risks to safeguard your organization against the unknown.

      • Integrate Exploitability, Business Impact, and Data Analysis to Enhance Risk Prioritization:
        Incorporate a potent blend of exploitability, business impact, and data analysis, you can effectively prioritize and mitigate risks that pose a potential threat to your organization. Additionally, this approach accelerates the vulnerability management process by seamlessly integrating risk prioritization and mitigation strategies.

      • Utilize the cutting-edge mitigation capabilities of SanerNow’s Advanced Engine to streamline and accelerate the remediation process:
        Go beyond prioritization, simplify the remediation process, and eradicate security risks using SanerNow’s integrated vulnerability mitigation engine . Gain control of your organization’s attack surface and associated risks, ensuring their significant reduction for unmatched security coverage.

      • Fully Automate Real-Time Risk Prioritization:
        Manual risk prioritization and mitigation are insufficient for safeguarding modern networks. SanerNow, equipped with a built-in automated scanner, continuously assesses security risks beyond CVEs, swiftly enhancing the organization’s security posture. This integrated approach simplifies the vulnerability management process and additionally ensures it provides proactive response to emerging threats.

      • Generate Customizable Insightful Reporting:
        SanerNow not only classifies and mitigates risks but also generates reports for monitoring and improving your organization’s infrastructure. Its comprehensive risk assessment reporting offers deep insights into your IT landscape, supporting informed decisions and continuous improvement.

    CISA-SSVC :Millions of risks to minimal


    Traditional CVSS-based risk prioritization solutions are struggling to manage the rising number of vulnerabilities and the cyberattacks originating from them. It’s high time to switch to an advanced technology to manage the risks. The CISA-SSVC framework prioritizes vulnerabilities considering CVSS scores, business context, mission prevalence, and more.

    SanerNow is a continuous, automated, and fully integrated vulnerability management solution developed for the IT Team to combat cyber threats. Offering comprehensive visibility into your IT infrastructure through a broad approach to vulnerabilities, advanced scanning capabilities, extensive security intelligence, cutting-edge risk prioritization, and more. Above all SanerNow serves as a one-stop solution for vulnerability mitigation and prevention of cyberattacks.

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