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Check Out What’s New in SecPod SanerNow release – The Most Awaited Features Are in Store!

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At SecPod, we always work towards delivering exceptional features to help you get the best out of our product. SanerNow comes out with the most awaited Active directory integration along with several new enhancements and bug fixes. This release also includes enhancements on REST API.

A glimpse into what’s new in SanerNow


To know more about the exciting updates of this release, please look at our release notes below.

Release Summary:

New Feature:

Introducing Active Directory Integration for scaling up operational efficiency.

SanerNow now enables you to seamlessly manage your organizational hierarchy, including Organizational Units (OU), Groups, and Devices with its latest AD integration.

  • Sync your AD with SanerNow’s Asset Info: Sync IT assets from your Organization’s active directory into SanerNow’s asset data using built-in and scheduled scanning.
  • Automatically scan and track the latest AD changes: Configure rules to automatically scan and synchronize the latest information of OUs, Groups, and Devices. Automatically track important changes, including newly commissioned and decommissioned devices, movements of assets across Groups and OUs, etc.
  • Install SanerNow agent through GPO policy: Easily install SanerNow agents your endpoints through AD Group Policy Object (GPO) policy.


    1. Effective management of Organization’s hierarchy: Introduced a new entity type, Organization in the hierarchy to contain Accounts, thereby truly representing an organization’s hierarchy.
    2. Introducing a new user role: “Organization Admin,” a new role to have complete access to manage the entire organization.
    3. Enhancements in control panel: Redesigned control panel to improve user experience.
    4. Easy onboarding of organizations: Simplified onboarding of an Organization with quick and easy steps.
    5. Secure Access using Two Factor Authentication: Introducing two-factor authentication for all users across the organization to tighten security.
    6. Support for MS Windows Semi-Annual channel: Introducing support for Microsoft Windows Semi-Annual channel.
    7. Improved patching efficiency for MS OS and other apps: Enhanced patching technology for Microsoft OS and other applications, and improved accuracy in patch reports.
    8. Auto-detection of Network Proxy: Introducing support to auto-detect network proxy using Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file.
    9. Enhanced reboot pop-up window: Redesigned reboot pop-up and message windows for better user experience.
    10. Reflecting the user’s time zone: Time representations are changed to reflect the user’s time zone.
    11. Enhanced Device and Asset Inventory under Asset Management: Improved Asset Management efficiency in collecting additional device and asset details
    12. Upgradation of all SanerNow components and third-party libraries:
      • Upgraded Ancor OS, application servers, and database components
      • Enabled UEFI boot support
      • Upgraded the third-party libraries
    13. Speeding up on-prem server deployment: Introducing auto-configuration of the on-premise server to speed up deployment.
    14. Enhancements in reports:
      • Two new report APIs have been added to support patch compliance and device patch compliance.
      • Apply custom created templates to other Accounts and set as a rule to the new Accounts under an organization or across multiple organizations.
      • A high-level report has been added to analyze device risk posture in PDF format.

Additionally, several bugs are fixed to improve the reliability, performance, and security of the SanerNow platform.

We hope SecPod SanerNow will ease your endpoint security and management operations to a great extent. Please mail us at [email protected] for any feature requests or enhancements you expect in the product.

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