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Automated Vulnerability Management is Not a Luxury but a Necessity!

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According to SecPod research statistics, 12000+ vulnerabilities are exploited with more than 15 zero-days in the first two quarters of 2022. This is done using a vulnerability management tool.

IT security teams cannot keep up with such huge vulnerabilities with manual methods.

Manual methods are time-consuming and to be performed repetitively. Automated vulnerability management software keeps an eye on the entire process – from identification to remediation of vulnerabilities. Also, it simplifies mundane routines of vulnerability management and improves the efficiency of the vulnerability management program. Also, using auto patching, we can remediated the vulnerabilities detected.

Previously, we learned about the perks of vulnerability management automation. This article lets us understand how SanerNow automates the crucial vulnerability management steps to reduce the manual burden.

Automating Vulnerability Management Process with SanerNow!

SecPod SanerNow provides a continuous, automated, and advanced vulnerability management solution built for the modern IT security landscape. SanerNow reinvents vulnerability management with a broader approach to vulnerabilities, rapid scanning techniques, vast and accurate security checks, natively built solutions, and end-to-end automation from a truly integrated platform.

Automate vulnerability scans

Vulnerability scans are a fundamental part of vulnerability management. Manual and irregular scans pose a greater risk to your organization. Hence, scanning must be continuous and automated to manage vulnerabilities seamlessly. Also, fast vulnerability scans are essential to identify vulnerabilities in minutes to have enough time for remediation.

SanerNow allows you to configure agent settings for a group of devices. You can set the scan mode to low or full throttle. Low-mode scans use fewer CPU resources that avoid interruption in your work. Also, you can monitor the CPU threshold for efficient vulnerability scanning.

In Automated vulnerability management, you can schedule the scan time and set agent messaging to a group of devices. In this way, you can schedule and automate vulnerability scans in SanerNow.

Automated Vulnerability Scans

Schedule Vulnerability Scans

Automate prioritization of vulnerabilities

When you have a massive pile of vulnerabilities, it is a tedious task to prioritize and remediate them accordingly. Hence, many organizations end up remediating every vulnerability without prioritization. Thus, it is crucial to use Automated vulnerability management to remediate vulnerabilities smartly.

SecPod SanerNow prioritizes the vulnerabilities based on their severity: Critical, High, Medium, and Low. It provides complete customization so that you can prioritize and remediate them smartly. With SanerNow, you can instantly filter out critical vulnerabilities with exploits’ availability and remediate them.

Prioritization of Vulnerabilities as Critical, High, Medium, and Low

Here, the availability of exploits refers to high-fidelity attacks where the unique MVEs map to high-profile attacks like WannaCry, Log4j, and more. Hence, these mapped CVEs pop up if detected, and you can remediate them and save your organization from high-profile attacks.

High-fidelity attacks with designated red icon

Automate Remediation

When you identify and detect vulnerabilities, it is important to remediate them quickly before hackers can exploit them. Automated remediation will help remediate vulnerabilities soon after detection, eliminating the security gap.

In SanerNow, you can build an automation rule for remediation to automate the remediation process. Integrated patch management plays a significant role in immediate remediation that doesn’t break the bridge between detection and remediation.

You can schedule a patching task by the patch severity and remediate security and non-security patches. In addition, you can include upcoming assets for patching.

Schedule Patching Task

Also, you can create an automation rule for patching and configure the schedule according to your organization’s requirements.

Other privileges provided by SanerNow are:

  • You can schedule the reboot sessions
  • Choose pre-remediation and post-remediation scripts
  • Assign post-patching activity notification
  • Select a group of devices to apply the current automation rule
Create Automation Rule

With automation in a vulnerability management program, you can avoid tedious, manual, and repetitive tasks to eradicate vulnerabilities in your IT environment. SanerNow keeps an eye on your vulnerability management program and improves its efficiency.

Schedule a demo with SanerNow and ease your pain of performing the mundane routine of vulnerability management.

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