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Are Your Organization’s IT Assets ‘Really’ Under Control?

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Every organization has its own IT Assets and IT asset control can be done by the internal team by using a vulnerability management tool. They might range from desktops, laptops, mobile devices to switches, hubs, routers, the list does not stop here. As organizations expand their business, it leads to an increase in the number of assets attached to their network.

What is the need for IT Asset Control?

Think of an asset as an open gate through which an attacker can access your network. Suppose an end-user is using a laptop to access your network, if the laptop has any vulnerability, then it will act as a potential threat to your network. However, this threat can be mitigated using a patch management solution. Studies have shown that more than 70% of network threats are due to the mishandling of IT assets. Hence managing or controlling your IT asset is more important than you think. Let me give you a few pointers that will show you the importance of IT Asset management –

1. Asset type – Most of the organization’s asset falls in two categories, they are –

  1. Long term assets – The assets under this category are for a long time use by the organization.
  2. Short term assets – The assets under this category are for a couple of months to a few years.

The IT asset management tool will help you differentiate the assets in these two categories in a continuous manner.

2. Asset Budget – IT Asset Management will help you keep track of the used, unused, or unnecessary assets. IT Management helps you with maintaining asset financing.

3.Asset Monitoring – You might be wondering about the importance of asset monitoring. IT asset management is a continuous process. Let us say a desktop is under maintenance/ broken/ stolen, if you do not monitor your asset health continuously then you won’t have any clue about the situation. The same thing goes with the software application. What If there is a potential software vulnerability that could solved by patching at the right time. Thus, asset monitoring helps to deal with all such issues. I am sure by now you have realized the power of continuous asset monitoring.

4. Asset Compliance – Every year many organizations face several legal actions due to various reasons. One of the main reasons includes asset non-compliance. Let me give you an example suppose a company merged with another company. During the merging process, the parent company needs to have a track of its asset compliance as well as the new company’s asset compliance status. If any of these assets does not follow the business compliance the organization might be sued or may have to pay hefty fines. IT Asset Management helps you keep in check with Asset compliance.

5. Asset Licensing and software usage status – A good IT Asset management tool will help you keep track of Asset Licenses, which will help you decide if the asset requires immediate attention. Whereas a software usage status will help you have an idea of the software in demand and the rarely used software.

6. Continuous Flow – While talking about the power of IT Asset Management, it is necessary to understand the importance of the effect of the IT Asset Management tool on your overall network performance. A good IT Asset management tool will never interfere with your daily routines. The tool will scan continuously, and you can even set a download/ scan as per your schedule. Hence, you have got complete freedom to use the tool as per your need.

However, after going through the above pointers, you must have realized the importance of your IT asset control.

SecPod SanerNow Tool

IT Asset Management tool is a way to keep your assets in check. SecPod SanerNow is a powerful centralized tool that gives you the power to continuously monitor your assets, keep up with asset compliance, helps you with your asset financing. SanerNow platform also helps you to manage your endpoints. Along with asset monitoring, it detects vulnerability and produces related patches. SanerNow known for its accuracy and helps you to decide with the vulnerability priorities. The platform also helps you to deploy essential software at your assets as and when required. IT administrators will have the entire asset handling power in their hands.

Use a Free Trial version to know more about the powerful SecPod SanerNow tool. SanerNow gives the IT Administrators total freedom to scan for the asset vulnerabilities, patching assets, checking asset compliance, application, and device control and it is also an excellent Endpoint Threat detection and Response tool. Hence, managing IT Assets need not be a boring, lengthy, or a complex process if you have the right tool.

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