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Are Endpoint Security Challenges Haunting You During Remote Work?

The scares of Halloween came very early this year in the form of COVID-19. Although organizations faced a lot of endpoint security challenges, they were eventually happy to keep their business operations running remotely, the shift was not that easy for IT teams. IT teams were tasked with the responsibilities of supporting the entire workforce with all the tools and devices they need. This responsibility can be done by using a vulnerability management tool.

Endpoints out in the wild

The endpoints that were once under the direct scrutiny of corporate networks are now out there in multiple, unprotected domestic networks. Patching the vulnerabilities using a patch management tool is very essential. Many organizations are thinking about making work from home a permanent mode of work as they saw positive outcomes and a promising future. 

All the signals point to one thing – IT teams need to figure out a permanent way to keep their endpoints secure during remote work. They need to be aware of how hackers break into the perimeter and take necessary measures to prevent them.  

Tips to overcome the endpoint security challenges

To help organizations secure their remote endpoints, we put together an eBook on:

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