You are currently viewing SanerNow has become more powerful than ever. The most awaited 5.0 release is here!

SanerNow has become more powerful than ever. The most awaited 5.0 release is here!

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After numerous discussions, brainstorming sessions, day-night development, and rigorous testing, we are thrilled to announce the most exciting release of SecPod in the recent past. SanerNow 5.0 is here to put an end to the eternal search for a full-fledged and automated vulnerability management solution that needs no scanner appliance and no spec-heavy dedicated scanner servers intended to make vulnerability management seamless and automated. With 5.0, we have redefined vulnerability assessment and remediation boundaries and have extended our vulnerability assessment capabilities to network devices. Also, SanerNow will give a 360-degree vulnerability exposure of all IP-enabled devices in your network topology, aiding remediation from the same console. SanerNow’s new Security, Risk, and Compliance paradigm also come with numerous enhancements to make this release even more interesting.

What’s new in SanerNow 5.0?

Extending our vulnerability Assessment capabilities to Network Devices

We have now built network scanning capabilities to detect non-endpoint devices and discover vulnerabilities along with the end-to-end vulnerability management solution for endpoints. A few of the top capabilities of our network scanner includes:

  • Detect the whole network topology, devices, operating system, and service fingerprinting across all IP-enabled devices.
  • Discover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in network-enabled devices.
  • Perform external security posture analysis of network and endpoint devices.
  • The scanner is built on a distributed hub and spoke model, which will utilize the existing devices to perform network scanning. However, this will save additional investment in extra appliances or hardware. This distributes the scanning responsibility, achieves speed, and makes the process effortlessly continuous.
  • Introducing a detailed device page that will list all the findings of network-enabled devices.
  • Achieve automated daily vulnerability scans without impacting productivity.
  • Ability to perform external vulnerability assessment on any number of target devices.

Other crucial Enhancements

Vulnerability Management in SanerNow 5.0

  • Introducing New MVE Schema: You can now view a detailed description of attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in the “High Fidelity Attacks” view as we have introduced a new MVE (Malware Vulnerability Enumeration) language.MVE Schema
  • Introducing Vulnerable Devices and Vulnerabilities view: This view will list all vulnerabilities and then vulnerable devices in the network. You can also view the risk level based on severity.Views and Top Recommended Remediation
  • Enhanced vulnerability visibility: Introducing new views to check vulnerabilities by group, vulnerability by OSs, and then vulnerability by age.
  • Know the most recommended remediation to manage vulnerabilities: Introducing the “Top recommended remediation” view. This view will list the top-recommended remediations based on CRE (Common Remediation Enumeration) and then the number of hosts affected.

Asset Management

Asset Management View

  • Enhanced visibility in asset management dashboard to support network scanner devices: The “Device Types” view will show the distribution of devices based on the device types. Also, the “Manufacturer view” shows the distribution of devices based on the publisher. The “Other” category included now to view the list of network scanner devices.
  • Redesigned Device view and Application Details view: A new dashboard element represents the Device view, and the Application Details view.
  • Introducing filters to view only required details in the devices table: Added the Source, OS, Family, and Status filters in the Devices table.

Patch Management in SanerNow 5.0


  • Enhancements in remediation job and rule creation: Ability to create multiple remediation jobs and automation rules for a single device or a group of devices.Automation by Groups

Compliance Management

Compliance Management View

  • Remediate Mis-Configurations within Compliance Management: Introduced “Missing Configuration,” “Automation,” “Rollback,” and “Status” sections in the Compliance Management dashboard to allow the rollout of configuration patches. Moreover, actions are introduced to create and then  schedule a task to deploy configuration patches and view the status of all remediation jobs and rules.
  • Pie chart view to assessing deviations of a group of devices: Added “Deviations By Group” view to show the distribution of deviations based on the group of devices. The details can be assessed with the help of a pie chart.
  • Introducing “Top Non-Compliant Rules” view: Added “Top Non-Compliant Rules” pane to show the list of remediation rules with CCE ID.
  • Combining views for enhanced visibility: The Benchmarks and the Rule-Based Distribution views are combined for better visibility.
  • Introducing the “Top remediation recommendation” view will list the top-recommended remediations. Based on the CRE and the number of hosts affected.

General Enhancements

  • Introducing new APIs and provided updates to many existing APIs to elevate product integration capabilities.
  • Redesigned various views across the product to enhance user experience.

Also, we hope our new release will take the SanerNow experience to the next level. Please check out our latest update and share your thoughts on any new enhancements you expect from us. Furthermore, For queries, please mail us at [email protected].

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