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SanerNow 6.0 Release: What’s New In-Store?

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We’re excited to bring you our latest release – SanerNow 6.0. This release offers exciting new features, enhancements, new APIs, and bug fixes. 

What’s New in SanerNow 6.0 

  • New Product Launch (Beta): A beta launch of our new product, SanerNow Risk Prioritization (RP), will help prioritize risks needing immediate remediation in your organization. Request your trial access to SanerNow RP(Beta) by mailing [email protected]
  • Cyber Hygiene Score: This new feature quantifies risks in your organization by providing a hygiene score. It also gives you with a plan of action that you can follow to remediate the risks and increase the Cyber Hygiene Score of your organization. 

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  • Authenticated Network Scan: You can now provide credentials to perform authenticated scans on your network devices to discover vulnerabilities. Further improving SanerNow scanning capabilities.
  • Organization Reports: Organization-wide reports are introduced for a consolidated view across multiple deployment sites/accounts.
  • Non-Security, Feature Updates for Third-Party Applications: SanerNow Patch Management (PM) now supports updating non-security feature updates. We also assess and facilitate the updating of over 400 third-party applications.
  • Network Scanner Report: We have introduced a detailed scan report for each configured Network Scanner. Furthermore, you can view or export the risk assessment report into PDF per network scanner.
  • Misconfigurations Risk Scoring: Misconfigurations (CCEs) risk scoring is now based on Common Configuration Scoring System (CCSS). Moreover, the CCSS algorithm computes each CCE score and categorizes it as Critical, High, Medium, or Low.


  • We have enhanced the audit log to capture new events, which include the installation, movement, and uninstallation of SanerNow agents.
  • Email Notification for SanerNow PM, SanerNow CM Task
  • Event-based job/rule Execution Delay in SanerNow PM and SanerNow CM
  • Application Restart Post Remediation
  • Remediation Instructions
  • Malware Vulnerability Enumeration (MVE) v2
  • Enabled multiple CVE searches in SanerNow VM
  • Network scanner now supports domain and hostname-based scanning. 

New Operating System supported

1. Windows Hyper-V Server 2019 

2. Ubuntu 23.04 

3. Amazon Linux 2023 

To know more about the release, refer to the release notes.

We know SanerNow 6.0, with its new features and enhancements, will be your trusted ally in keeping vulnerabilities at bay. Further allowing you to prevent cyberattacks on your organization. Additionally, our teams are constantly building new features that will be part of our future releases.

However, as our valuable customers, if you’ve any feature or enhancement suggestions to help you improve your experience with SanerNow, please send them to us at [email protected]

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