You are currently viewing Kudos to IT Admins for Pulling Off the New Remote IT Management

Kudos to IT Admins for Pulling Off the New Remote IT Management

In early 2020, the world saw the worst pandemic humankind has seen in a long time. While all businesses and employees were shattered, you had a new challenge to deal with.

While employees were struggling to adopt a new mindset and work culture for remote work, you were busy helping your business survive by changing your entire IT infrastructure to support the new normal.

When the world was busy adopting personal hygiene, you made sure cyber hygiene did not lose its place.

Amidst all the remote IT management challenges, thank you for

• Providing all necessary devices and support for each employee
• Managing all endpoints seamlessly and ensuring business continuity
• Securing all endpoints and protecting the business from cyber attacks

And most importantly, you were key to giving us the confidence to forging a new futuristic way of work.

You did your job well, no matter what. We tip our hats to your dedication!

SecPod wishes a happy System Admin’s day to all our IT heroes.


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