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Critical 21Nails Flaws Affect Millions of Exim Servers

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A series of critical vulnerabilities were recently disclosed to reside in the popular internet mailer, Exim. The vulnerabilities, collectively termed as 21Nails, were brought to light by researchers at Qualys. The advisory includes 21 vulnerabilities, some of which can be used to gain elevated privileges on the affected systems and perform remote code execution.

Exim is a free mail transfer agent for UNIX-like operating systems. At the time of writing, a survey Exim is reported to have been used by more than half of the world’s internet servers.

Vulnerability Details

Out of the 21 security bugs, 11 flaws were found to be locally exploitable, while 10 of them could be exploited remotely. The table below summarises the list of vulnerabilities.

CVE Summary Type
CVE-2020-28007 Link attack in Exim’s log directory Local
CVE-2020-28008 Assorted attacks in Exim’s spool directory Local
CVE-2020-28014 Arbitrary file creation and clobbering Local
CVE-2021-27216 Arbitrary file deletion Local
CVE-2020-28011 Heap buffer overflow in queue_run() Local
CVE-2020-28010 Heap out-of-bounds write in main() Local
CVE-2020-28013 Heap buffer overflow in parse_fix_phrase() Local
CVE-2020-28016 Heap out-of-bounds write in parse_fix_phrase() Local
CVE-2020-28015 New-line injection into spool header file (local) Local
CVE-2020-28012 Missing close-on-exec flag for privileged pipe Local
CVE-2020-28009 Integer overflow in get_stdinput() Local
CVE-2020-28017 Integer overflow in receive_add_recipient() Remote
CVE-2020-28020 Integer overflow in receive_msg() Remote
CVE-2020-28023 Out-of-bounds read in smtp_setup_msg() Remote
CVE-2020-28021 New-line injection into spool header file (remote) Remote
CVE-2020-28022 Heap out-of-bounds read and write in extract_option() Remote
CVE-2020-28026 Line truncation and injection in spool_read_header() Remote
CVE-2020-28019 Failure to reset function pointer after BDAT error Remote
CVE-2020-28024 Heap buffer underflow in smtp_ungetc() Remote
CVE-2020-28018 Use-after-free in tls-openssl.c Remote
CVE-2020-28025 Heap out-of-bounds read in pdkim_finish_bodyhash() Remote


While the researchers stated that they have not tried exploiting all the vulnerabilities, they did exploit 4 Local Privilege Elevation flaws and 3 Remote Code Execution flaws. They also have published proofs-of-concept for 11 of the flaws.


An unauthenticated attacker could obtain full root privileges. Some of the vulnerabilities can also be leveraged in conjunction with others to perform remote code execution. About 4 million Exim servers are estimated to be exposed to the internet.

Affected Products

All versions of Exim before 4.94.2 are reported to be vulnerable.


The vendor has released the security updates addressing the issue in Exim version 4.94.2.

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