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Combating Inactive, Guest Users & Anonymous logins with SanerNow

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Inactive and guest users in your network are more dangerous than you think. Accounts left alone unused for a long time, and guest users created for one-off logins are high-priority targets for cyber-attackers who exploit these accounts to get inside your network.

Anonymous logins are users that typically don’t need usernames and passwords to access a network. Sometimes needed for testing or other critical network functions, anonymous logins are dangerous security risks threat actors try to exploit to get inside your network!

Have you taken care of these users and logins?

What is SanerNow Continuous Posture Anomaly Management?

Posture anomalies are outliers or irregularities in your network when the network is evaluated collectively against the known good. Further, posture anomalies can have a significant impact on your organization’s security posture, as they can act as potential points of attack.

And in this case, inactive & guest users and anonymous logins are examples of posture anomalies that could be the door to your organization’s network for cyber-attackers!

SanerNow Continuous Posture Anomaly Management detects, assesses, and fixes these posture anomalies to eliminate any potential security risk from them.

SanerNow CPAM Dashboard displaying a holistic view of your network

How Does CPAM Combat Inactive Guest Users and Anonymous Logins?

Not all vulnerabilities have patches, and posture anomalies come under this category as well. So, to mitigate the potential risks from posture anomalies, instead of patches, SanerNow CPAM fixes them with various measures.

Anomaly Detection with SanerNow:

The 1st obvious step is posture anomaly detection. To detect posture anomalies, SanerNow performs daily or on-demand scans on your system to detect guest users and anonymous logins in that particular device. Furthermore, SanerNow can also detect anomalies in your system applications by using its network scanner. This ensures that no anonymous, guest, or inactive logins, either on a system or application level, do not go under the radar.

Normalized anomalies of guest users and anonymous logins

Mitigating anomalies with SanerNow:

There are two ways to mitigate the risk from these posture anomalies using SanerNow. Either by disabling an account or users or by deleting them entirely. SanerNow, with its CPAM module and its Endpoint Management module, can either delete the user or the account entirely.

But sometimes, we need some guest accounts for testing or any particular use case, so instead of deleting and creating a new account every time, you can disable and enable the guest users as and when needed.

As for anonymous logins, SanerNow can block incoming connections in its EM module for particular applications to ensure no unauthorized connection are being made, and all the potential risk associated with it is eliminated.

Fixing the posture anomalies with SanerNow Endpoint Module


Sometimes, the most obvious weakness often goes right under your nose and stays undetected, causing a significant potential risk of cyberattacks. Guest users, inactive users, and anonymous logins laying dormant in your network might look harmless at first glance, but cyber-attackers are looking for opportunities just like those.

And SanerNow is the answer you’re looking for!

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