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MS08-067 (Conficker worm) detection – OpenVAS plugin

Conficker worm variants A, B and C are dependent on vulnerability in Microsoft server service. Microsoft had released an advisory MS08-067 back in October 2008 to address the above vulnerability. As was expected at that time, number of attacks are spreading, major one being Conficker worm via the conficker malware. Therefore, use a Vulnerability Management Tool to prevent these attacks.

We have plugins for OpenVAS,
900055 – secpod_ms08-067_900055.nasl
900056 – secpod_ms08-067_900056.nasl (more…)

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Exploit Shield


In the arena of computer security and exploitation world, we come across many security tools. Some of them are quite useful; for some, you have to plug them in and out in a few days. However, the antivirus company F-Secure developed an application called Exploit Shield, which is mainly prioritizing for giving dynamic protection to Zero-Day vulnerabilities. I won’t go that much of a deep analysis of its internal mechanism but I will be discussing an overview of this tool, how this works etc., in the next phase. A good vulnerability management tool can also assist in maintaining a secure environment.


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