A highly critical vulnerability has been found in glibc, the GNU C library, which affects all Linux systems on glibc version 2.2 dating back to the year 2000. The vulnerability, with CVE-2015-0235, has already been nicknamed GHOST because of its relation to the _gethostbyname function. Read More.

It affects virtually all Linux-based software that perform domain name resolution.  It also affects Linux programs written in Python, Ruby, and most other languages because they also rely on glibc. As a result, most Linux systems should be presumed vulnerable. Attackers can use this vulnerability to execute code and remotely gain control of Linux machines without having any credentials.

To ensure your systems are secure, we recommend you scan all your Linux systems by using the free end user version of Saner Personal. With this scan you get a detailed report of all vulnerabilities and misconfigurations on each endpoint along with appropriate remediation – which has been made available by vendors.

Learn more about Saner Business, which help secure enterprise wide endpoints from critical & highly exploitable vulnerabilities like GHOST. Saner Business not only detects vulnerabilities, it also prioritizes them based on criticality level and immediately applies remediation – thus ensuring endpoint security.

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