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Is it too much to expect an appropriate answer from Computer Science Engineering graduates for these questions,
– What does 32-bit computer really mean?
– What is word length?
– What is the length of a byte?
– What is the length of an IP address?
– What is the hardware address?
– What is the length of an Integer?

Most give us a blank look, puzzled that we ask such questions and wondering why at all we are worried about all these.

‘Sir, I have taken a Java course, why don’t you ask questions in that? Nobody ask these questions in the Interview, that’s why I didn’t prepare.’

Now, do you need preparation for these? Are these not elementary?

Alright, I oblige, is Java platform independent language?
‘Yes. ‘

How does Java achieve platform independence?
Puzzled again!

What was your favorite subject during your graduation?
C, C++

What about Non-Programming subject?
‘Non-programming, hmm…’

You didn’t study Operating System, Computer Networks?
‘Yes, but I haven’t prepared for it.’

Some questions to Electronics Engineering graduates which do not get answered,
– What is an ADC?
– Write an Adder circuit
– What is the RF range?

I understand, the industry as such as redefined “Computer Engineer” or “Software Engineer” to a greater extent that people often think, it is anybody who can remember a few things in Java, ASP.Net etc. Many Universities and Colleges have invented “Information Technology”, “Information Science” without actually helping the students understand the differences. It is also that Teaching is considered low-profile just like the belief that Testing is considered low-profile foolishly.

At SecPod, we are trying to solve Computer Security problems and we really need Computer Science Engineers. I am confident there are really good people out there and we are on the hunt for them.

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