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It’s Time to Use What 2020 Taught Us and Get Back Up

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2020 has been less than ideal for people from all walks of life. We saw the biggest worldwide pandemic in over a hundred years. Loss of life, country-wide lock-downs, heavy economic losses, demotivated people, and the list goes on. Although 2020 has been the toughest year for most of us, it still gave us some important lessons.

Strength and resilience

Many businesses either fell into a loss or saw very minimum growth this year. Some of them even shut down permanently. But the ones that made it through are now stronger than ever. Businesses have a better idea of their strengths, weaknesses, and crisis handling after navigating rough seas. 

Hygiene on all levels

Personal hygiene is the primary measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have unconsciously started to keep ourselves clean and sanitized, which will stick around a bit even after the pandemic is long gone. 

Cyberhygiene was not the most popular choice of hygiene among businesses before COVID-19. However, increased targeted cyber-attacks during remote work has kept businesses on full alert to secure their IT environment by adopting basic cyberhygiene. SecPod has been a proud provider of cyberhygiene solutions to many businesses worldwide this year.

You can learn more about implementing cyberhygiene in this eBook.

2021, here we come.

For many businesses, an important business continuity plan that came up during the pandemic is seamless remote endpoint security and management. Let’s continue to make it happen this year and support all the new challenges and ventures to grow and support businesses with IT.

Above all, the important thing is we are fighting our inner and outer battles with strength, resilience, and mutual support. We all deserve a pat on our backs just for that. 

Let’s get back on our feet and kill it this year. (literally)

From all of us at SecPod, Happy New Year 2021! 

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