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The First Step Towards Endpoint Security Brilliance

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This year has forced us into a lot of new challenges in the digital world. During the first half of 2020, Microsoft has seen a 150% increase in vulnerabilities than the entirety of 2019. Security breaches and ransomware attacks are being reported at an alarming rate this year. Cybercriminals now have the icing on the cake as remote work norms have taken a permanent spot.

As the cybersecurity expert, you are left with the massive responsibility of securing enterprise endpoints wherever they are. 

Here’s the problem…

The leading cause of security breaches in 2019 was a result of unapplied security patches. Traditional vulnerability assessment tools and practices are not effective anymore with the evolving sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks. You are probably left with siloed vulnerability assessment and patching tools that force you into manual patching methods, long patching cycles, and inefficient scanning methods. 

The first step: integrated vulnerability and patch management

Vulnerability and patch management are two sides of the same coin. They have to work together to run a tight ship and reduce your attack surface effectively. An integrated approach makes your endpoint security proactive in detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities and is the first step towards endpoint security brilliance.

Download our eBook “Integrated Vulnerability and Patch Management: Your First Step Towards Endpoint Security Brilliance”. We’ve expanded on the problems of siloed tools and the advantages of an integrated approach to vulnerability and patch management.

You can also watch the recording of our webinar about “Reducing risks through Integrated Vulnerability and Patch Management”.

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