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SecPod – Our 12 Year Experimental Journey

It has been 12 years since the inception of SecPod, The Company that aims towards implementing “Cyber Hygiene” across enterprises. Our journey has been all about experiments. Experiments and thoughts of various kinds:

  • Can we build a company organically, become better each day and grow along?
  • Can we build a respected Technology Company which seems to be the game of a very few people with certain tags?
  • Can we create a company with a certain cultural uniqueness and continuously tread the path of self-discovery?

Typically when we say, we are a 12-year-old company, the general response is – you have survived for 12 years, that is an achievement in itself. We aren’t a blue-eyed startup. We aren’t even an established player that has announced entry into the world in a big way.┬áMore than lasting for 12 years, it is staying focused for this long with a single goal in mind, which has been the biggest challenge and probably the most significant achievement.

The path for self-discovery is essential to define the cultural values or attributes of our Company. Along this journey, we are learning continuously and understanding how to identify ourselves better.

What makes us who we are is the question we are pondering. In an age where most Companies consider building a lasting culture hardly a goal, we are traveling that path, experimenting to discover ‘us’ better and to make ‘us’ better.

Let’s continue to Experiment!

Chandrashekhar B
CEO, SecPod