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[Product Release] Check out what’s new in SecPod SanerNow

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Release notes

SanerNow brings several enhancements to the Patch Management (PM) module along with a few product performance improvements. This maintenance release also consists of fixes to bugs, security issues, and enhancements to REST API coverage.


Release Summary

Performance Improvements – Enhanced product performance for better usage

  • Access SanerNow Dashboards more efficiently now:Significant user experience and performance improvements are made to load the dashboard elements faster.
  • Enhanced management for transient devices:Improved support for transient devices changing locations frequently.
  • Introducing custom templates for reports: Ability to create a custom template for reports, which can then be applied to all other Customer Accounts or Sites.

Patch Management (PM) – Patch management improved with new functionalities

  • Included new filters for better visibility:Added filters to identify inactive devices and list devices by their operating system version and build number.
  • Introducing a single click filter:A single-click filter is introduced to list third-party application patches by the operating system family.
  • Test and deploy Firmware and non-security patches now:Firmware and non-security patches are included in the Test and Deploy feature. This would allow users to verify patches in a testbed and then approve for production rollout.
  • Enhancements to save bandwidth usage:The patching jobs are now sent only to the applicable devices in the selected group of devices significantly improving the performance and reducing network bandwidth utilization.


General enhancements and bug fixes

  • Fixed few security issues in the platform.
  • Inconsistency in the SanerNow agent upgrade is addressed considering a fail-over situation.
  • More indicators are added to show the agent’s remediation progress.
  • Various bugs are resolved on dashboards, reports, and other tools.


We hope SecPod SanerNow will ease your endpoint security and management operations to a greater extent. Please mail us at [email protected] for any feature request or enhancements you expect in the product.

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