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Ransomware continues to be popular among cyber criminals. According to a CNN report, cyber criminals collected over $209 million in the first three months of 2016. Ransomware exploits vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and social engineering.

Our most loved whitepaper Ransomware a Billion Dollars a Year Cyber Crime covers ransomware variants and how these variants exploit endpoints. The paper also explains how ransomware enters the system exploiting vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight, and vulnerabilities in other applications.

The informative whitepaper guides you on how to prevent ransomware attacks in four simple steps.

With so many endpoint security tools, it can be difficult to know which solution works best for your organization.

To address this, we introduce you to our comprehensive, robust solution, Saner Endpoint Security and help you determine why to choose this solution. This paper walks you through three main aspects of Saner – Prevention, Detection, Ideal Analysis and Containment which will help you understand how Saner helps to reduce the risk of ransomware infecting a system and how to protect endpoints.

If you haven’t read through our whitepaper you are missing a chance to learn:

  • how ransomware exploits endpoints.
  • four ways to prevent ransomware attacks.
  • how to protect endpoints and manage threats.

Make sure to grab your copy of the whitepaper.

In addition to this, you can refer to our product sheet or visit our solutions page to know more about Saner endpoint security.

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