Endpoint Security: Making Security Great Again

Over the past few years, enterprises have been hit by complex and advanced ransomware attacks. With a heroic entry, they came and conquered many. Enterprises have seen their most important data locked in the hands of criminals expecting a ransom for their illegal activity. When they left, they also took with them the enterprise’s money, clients, and reputation.

When the anti-virus security industry was under the immense pressure of tackling ransomware and other crucial security attacks, endpoint security came into the picture. Enterprises who have been victims and those who feared to be victims felt more optimistic about this newcomer. This is in large part due to endpoint security vendors’ promise and commitment to secure every endpoint in the world.

Whether enterprises belonged to the financial, healthcare, retail, or government sectors, the endpoint security industry was concerned about all of them. The providers of endpoint security understood the need for securing enterprise endpoints, their data, time, as well as resources.

By cutting back on IT time, fixing vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, investing on unwanted resources, and regulatory fines, enterprises can not only secure their endpoints but also run a smooth business.

Within a short period, endpoint security came quite far following and delivering its promises by detecting, preventing, and eliminating vulnerabilities and malware. Endpoint security providers continue to dive deeper into complex and sophisticated problems which enterprises face and solve them.

Enterprises know that they must invest in the right solution to meet their security objectives. For enterprises including small and medium enterprises that still haven’t adopted endpoint security, the chances of being at risk are more. They have a long way to go.

According to a recent security study by Symantec, 43% of spear-phishing attack was targeted at SMBs in 2015. No business is too small or too big for attackers. It’s thus very clear why every enterprise should shift to endpoint security to secure their endpoints and protect their operation. Limited IT budget poses a major hurdle for small and large enterprises from shifting to endpoint security. Other issues are the changing threat landscape, limited or lack of IT administration resources or expertise, and employee ignorance of security threats.     

Enterprises now have a reason to be excited about securing their endpoints from hackers and malware. Innovators at SecPod Technologies are enthusiastic to unleash a new era of endpoint security for everyone. SecPod’s emphasis on prevention-first approach, detecting and eliminating risks at the grass-root level is the direction enterprises need to go. SecPod’s Saner Business integrates best-of-breed endpoint security with threat detection, incident response, vulnerability, patch, endpoint, and compliance management capabilities.

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