Attacks are real, it would be naïve to think otherwise

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All human beings have a part of the good and the bad. At times, bad takes over the good and other times, good takes over the bad. The fight between the good and the bad is not new.

Attacks do happen and can happen to anyone, anytime, sometimes with notice and mostly without notice. In major part of the civilized physical world, people live in peace mostly. We have been able to contain the bad to a greater extent and the world is seemingly peaceful at large. But, there again, thefts happen, raids happen, conflicts happen, accidents happen, killings happen, underworld exists.

In the digital world, where you cannot visualize the image of an attacker, where the traces of the attacker are hard to characterize, where everything is virtual, it becomes harder to bring order. It is easier for attackers of all forms (humans and bots) to exhibit their skills more freely. Just as you thought your introvert friend is so extrovert online.

In order for this writing to remain relevant, I would ask you to Google, ‘recent malware attacks’ and I am sure you hit a million results. There are number of software applications and operating systems having vulnerabilities, there are spams and phishing attacks, there are sophisticated attacks (advanced persistent threats), attacks on the mobile devices, large banks are attacked, major news agencies are attacked, Government establishments are attacked, and technology companies are attacked. Who is safe?

Attacks are real; it would be naïve to think otherwise.

Each one of us has experienced an attack of some kind or many kinds at some point or at multiple points. If you haven’t been one of the victim, you probably didn’t realize your data was stolen or probably didn’t realize your system was used in one such attack or you have been plain lucky.

So, what do attackers target?

It is mostly your data and information, your credit card, online bank account details, financial transactions, your identity profile, your health records, your company data, your business strategy, your productive hours. And there are sophisticated, well-funded, organized attackers who target countries, defense establishments, water and energy supply, nuclear establishments, manufacturing units, satellites. And there are others who mostly take out your peace.

As much as we embrace this digital world, we need to be prepared to deal with its adversaries too.

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