Microsoft October 2015 Patch Tuesday bring six security bulletins which is addressing 33 vulnerabilities. Three are rated Critical and 3 are Important.

Three Bulletins are rated as Critical , MS15-106 for Internet Explorer.  MS15-108 for JScript and VBScript and MS15-109 for Windows Shell.

Microsoft security bulletin summary for October 2015 in order of severity

MS15-106 : Vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (3096441)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software: Internet Explorer
Impact: Remote Code Execution.

MS15-107 : Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge (3096448)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software: Microsoft Edge
Impact:  Information Disclosure

MS15-108 : Vulnerabilities in VBScript and JScript scripting engines (3089659)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software:  JScript and VBScript
Impact:  Remote Code Execution

MS15-109 : Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows (3096443)
Severity Rating: Critical
Affected Software: Windows Shell
Impact:  Remote Code Execution

MS15-110 : Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office (3096440)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software: Microsoft Office
Impact:  Remote Code Execution

MS15-111 : Vulnerabilities in Windows Kernel (3096447)
Severity Rating: Important
Affected Software: Microsoft Windows
Impact: Privilege Elevation .


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– Rinu K

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