Ransomware is a form of malware that renders a computer, or personal data stored in it, inaccessible to its owner. A perpetrator uses ransomware to infect a computer and hold the user hostage by making all data inaccessible to its legitimate owner by encrypting the data. Ransomware can enter a system in multiple ways. 

These include exploitation of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and social engineering.

Saner uses a multipronged approach to detect and respond to ransomware attacks. Saner is an endpoint security platform that provides continuous visibility and control over endpoints. Saner stresses prevention and achieves a reduction in security incidents by ensuring all endpoint systems are constantly kept up to date with the latest patches. This ensures malware cannot exploit known vulnerabilities. 

Saner also detects threats and includes a variety of remediation measures to instantaneously contain or block an attack. Threat Intelligence Feeds automatically detect Indicators of Compromise in seconds.