As IoT grows, the attack surface also grows and all the loopholes/vulnerabilities present in the digital world will flow into our real world. Before IoT, attackers used vulnerabilities for data theft or to make money or sometimes just for fun, but with IoT, the attack surface has grown to such extent that attacker can use vulnerabilities or loopholes in the car, smart sniper rifle etc., to kill a person remotely with a few strokes of the keyboard. Attackers are constantly finding the vulnerabilities to break into IoT and use those vulnerabilities for many illegal purposes.

In this paper, we will learn, how easy it is to hack IoT devices with few real scary attacks and important IoT security cases, followed by current challenges in IoT devices and general guidelines to improve IoT security with respect to the vendor, developer, and users.

At the end, we will demonstrate hacking actual IoT devices by using DTH as an example. With this simple demo, we will understand how to hack interconnected devices and exploit simple vulnerabilities with ease.