SanerNow Product Series – Chapter 1 – Getting started with SanerNow

Deploying multiple solutions for securing and managing endpoints has not proven to be fruitful for many IT Teams. An all-in-one endpoint security and management solution is the prime need today.

SecPod SanerNow is that go-to solution that unifies a plethora of features in one console to manage and shield the endpoints from the emerging wave of cyberattacks.

Here’s what is covered in this session –

1. What is SecPod SanerNow, and why it’s an all-round solution
2. How SanerNow architecture works
3. A walkthrough of SanerNow’s features using a live product demo

Who should watch –

a. All IT Security Wizards interested to see efficient endpoint management and security solution, SanerNow, in live-action
b. Security leaders who are looking for a single platform to achieve their multi-dimensional

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