Know Your Information Security Position with SanerNow

This product doesn’t just work for security but also for infrastructure management. There are many features like automated patch management, software deployment, vulnerability management, hardening, etc. At a lower budget, this is even better than tools like BigFix.


This product is just not about InfoSec, this is also very much useful for infrastructure management. This has the capability to give a holistic insight into info security and ITSM and organization can be proactive by taking the leverage of the tool. There are a lot of features like Automated Patch Management, Automated Software Deployment, Vulnerability Management, hardening, etc. I would even compare its patch management feature with Big Fix and at a low budget, this is even better.


Features need to be customized as per requirement, those who are not using a lot of features need to be disabled and not visible to the user. Yes but that shall be available via catalog and shall be visible per requirement.

Comments (Benefits)
This product is very much useful for IT, Infosec governance, and Compliance management.

Executive reporting is very much useful to have insight at a broad level.

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