SecPod Updates Free SANER Personal Vulnerability Management Solution

Bangalore, India – Jun. 20, 2014 — SecPod Technologies, a leading information security company, has announced an updated version of Saner Personal, free vulnerability management software for home users.

Anti-malware products typically work by detecting and then removing malware from systems. They try to identify bad software programs through blacklisting methods. However, to be effective, security systems need to identify and remove weaknesses before an attacker tries to exploit a system.

The best way to protect systems from the onslaught of malware is to install an effective, proactive vulnerability management solution. Hardening the security posture of the system, knowing the weaknesses and applying fixes is essential for protecting systems. The free Saner Personal product provides this type of system security.

The first version of Saner Personal saw thousands of downloads. Being lightweight and simple to use, the product received rave reviews. Now, with improvements, mainly focused on ease of use and performance, Saner has further reduced the complexity involved in keeping systems updated and hardened. In addition to Windows systems, it now supports Linux, specifically Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu and Oracle Linux. The activation procedure has been simplified and doesn’t require Email based registration.

Enterprises frequently have unique system configuration and security compliance standard requirements. Saner addresses this with customizable compliance profiles applied to groups of devices. If necessary, custom security checks can be imported and included with vulnerability scans.

SecPod uses ANCOR as its highly scalable, cloud-based analytics and correlation engine for real time, practical, integrated security intelligence. The ANCOR server can be deployed in the cloud or in-house.

SecPod provides a free Saner Personal edition as well as Saner Business for the enterprise

Download a free version of Saner Personal and strengthen the security of your system.
Saner Personal

SecPod Technologies is an information security products company. SecPod provides practical security solutions through its suite of products built on ANCOR, its highly scalable analytics and correlation engine. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India.


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