SecPod Announces SANER Personal, Free Vulnerability Protection Software for Home Computers

SecPod Technologies, a leading information security company, has announced the availability of Saner Personal, free vulnerability mitigation software for Home users.

Most malware makes use of loopholes in the system and targets desktops and end-user applications. Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software is not sufficient to protect systems. About 67% of malware is unnoticed because of its polymorphic nature, advanced exploitation techniques and ability to stay undetected.

“The information security industry tends to focus on trying to detect and stop attacks, rather than strengthening systems to eliminate the potential of attacks”, says Chandrashekhar, CEO of SecPod.

The approach worked well for a while, but now attackers have gained ground and are using new, intelligent methods to get into systems. Vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are now the primary method.

SecPod’s approach to security is based on building a strong defensive system. Saner Personal strengthens systems by eliminating vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Systems are protected from attacks before they occur. Saner is the first of a suite of products that uses SecPod’s ANCOR, a highly scalable, cloud based analytics and correlation engine that provides real time, practical, integrated security intelligence.

Download a free version of Saner Personal and strengthen the security of your system.



SecPod Technologies is an information security products company. SecPod provides practical security solutions through its suite of products built on ANCOR, its highly scalable analytics and correlation engine. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

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