SecPod and SAT Get Together to Make Organisations More Cyber Hygienic

Colombo. Tuesday 02 June 2020 – With a view to abiding organisations build resilience and prevent cyber-attacks as they align their IT business goals, Colombo-based South Asian Technologies (SAT) has launched the technologically advanced SanerNow platform to enhance security and management.

Sanjay Padmaperuma, CEO of South Asian Technologies (SAT) said,

As a master distributor of leading ICT brands we are proud to introduce yet another brand which Is produced by SecPod Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. SanerNow is an internationally recognized and sought after product which has taken the corporate world by storm. As IT progresses, so does the tendency to face threats which can be prevented through effective platforms such as SanerNow. This platform can guarantee the answer to the agonizing effects of having access to many products devoid of security. The SanerNow platform queries systems to find aberrations and assist systems to retain normality and perform optimally.

Ones known by security and IT professionals in the year 2020. It is going to be a primary focus for South Asian organizations to continuously path these vulnerabilities. At SecPod, we are committed to looking at the bigger picture and design solutions for organisations that help them get continuous visibility and complete control over all devices within their IT environment.”

Placing customers at the center of everything we do, our platform SanerNow is designed to help organisations automate their vulnerability assessment and patching and orchestrate a cyber-hygiene to stay compliant with NIST and other compliance standards.

, he added.

Compared to a decade ago, building a computing infrastructure is now a speedy activity, due to virtualization and cloud technology. But IT management and security products have not kept pace. Just as a computing infrastructure can be provisioned, a similar approach is needed for IT management and security.

Through the SanerNow platform, corporates have accessibility to an array of tools from Vulnerability Management, Asset Management, Endpoint Management, Compliance Management and Endpoint Threat Detection and Response.

Further, SanerNow reduces the complexity created by multiple point products with bloated feature-set by simplifying endpoint security and management. With a single platform approach SanerNow increases IT and security effectiveness by bundling a variety of tools for managing and securing endpoints. Most importantly, it reduces the overall IT management costs upto 60% by provisioning tools from one platform rather than several point products.

With SanerNow’s single console multi-module approach, corporates are guaranteed of the most effective single solution to all cases centered around managing and securing endpoints in the fast-paced virtual world.

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