Launch of SECPOD.ORG

We are extremely happy with the launch of where we wish to contribute to the open community in as much as possible. This will give us an opportunity to express our opinion about security happenings and describe the methods we adopt to develop the rules, signatures.

SecPod, being an Information Security Company that provides services for developing Vulnerability/Threat detection modules, security product engineering and threat alerts, will work towards consolidating the research efforts that are underway in many forms and also towards developing means to detect such threats and fix them.

To begin with, through,
1. We’ll be releasing security advisories for the latest vulnerabilities, malwares that we believe are important to learn about, and describe methods to detect and fix such issues. While we gather lot of information from various security research organizations, public reports and other networks, we’ll compliment those reports giving detailed view and also describe methods to detect and fix.
2. We’ll be developing plugins for Open Source Nessus (Nessus 2.2.4). The plugins will be released under GPL license. This is done on best effort basis and we’ll try to cover the most important upcoming vulnerabilities. We don’t intend to maintain Nessus on a separate track, nor do we intend to support the previous Nessus versions.
3. We’ll be developing signatures for Snort and the same will be submitted to and also hosted at our site.