ESG Lab Confirms SanerNow Platform Reduces Complexity, Effort & Cost of Managing & Securing Endpoints

Redwood City, California, USA – October 5, 2018 — SecPod, the creator of the SanerNow platform that provides a paradigm shift in endpoint security and systems management, announced today that Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) published a Technical Review validating SanerNow as an integrated platform that reduces complexity, effort, and cost of managing and securing endpoints.

An ESG survey indicated that forty-five percent of respondents cited strengthening cybersecurity as the business initiative that would drive the most IT spending at their organization in 2018. The traditional approach is to acquire more tools; however, this approach is problematic as it forces organizations to expend scarce resources on acquiring and becoming experts in each tool added to the cybersecurity toolbox.

“Cybersecurity teams report numerous challenges managing an assortment of security products from different vendors, such as the inefficiencies created by having separate management and operations for each tool,” said Jack Poller, Sr. Analyst at ESG. “SanerNow incorporates all tools necessary for the most common and frequent endpoint security tasks including vulnerability and patch management, asset and endpoint management, regulatory and industry benchmark compliance, and endpoint detection and response. Organizations can simplify their cybersecurity toolbox, replacing many point products with the SanerNow platform.”

The ESG Lab validated that the SanerNow platform incorporates major features necessary to protect an organization’s endpoints. The ESG Lab found it quick and easy to determine which endpoints were vulnerable to attack or out of compliance with regulatory and industry standards. The ESG Lab was able to manage the endpoints, reduce risk via patching, update configurations to bring systems into compliance, and remotely manage systems. Integrated threat hunting and remediation features enabled the ESG Lab to rapidly find and fix compromised systems.




The SanerNow Platform is at,


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