Manager, Associate Manager – Business Development

Manager, Associate Manager - Business Development

Business Development, Bangalore India

The Associate Manager/Manager – Business Development, who must have extensive experience with the APAC/EMEA/USA market, will support the Director – Business Development in coaching a fantastic team of BDRs/BDMs across lead gen, qualification, and hand-off to Field/Inside sales. The position reports to the Director – Business Development.


  • Supporting the outbound lead generation strategy
    • To start with, this will be a both individual contributor + managerial role
    • Review and improve criteria and processes for selecting prospects that are in line with the SecPod buyer profile
    • Iterate on standardized yet memorable messaging that will capture the attention of prospects and result in follow-up communication
    • Generate automated conversion rate reports to keep your team on track for monthly pipeline goals

● Support qualification of all leads (inbound and outbound)

    • Uphold best practices for securing calls, demos, and other touchpoints with leads, ensuring appropriate CRM data entry along the way
    • Own and iterate on a unified training guide for demos that focus on product features, time management, and general customer communication; adopt a “lead by example” attitude and routinely engage with clients directly to show your team best practices
    • Improve guides that allow BDRs to identify qualified leads (inclined to buy) from those that need ongoing nurturing during touchpoints
    • Own and iterate on a protocol for seamless hand off of qualified leads to Inside/Field Sales Executives

● Reporting, team building, and ongoing improvement

    • Prepare for reporting on weekly reports on pipeline progress to the Director – Business Development and CEO; get ahead of and troubleshoot blockers before they impact your monthly pipeline goal
    • Liaise with marketing on the quality of inbound leads to constantly improve targeting and spend allocation
    • Report back to product on any common questions from customers; opportunities for differentiation; or the need for changes to collateral
    • Support the hiring, training, and coaching of additional BDRs to remain on track for goal

The Candidate

The Associate Manager/Manager – Business Development will have a background that resembles the following:

● 8+ years of sales experience, with at least 3 years spent selling to enterprise customers in the F1000

● With at least 3-4 years of experience in the opted region, willing to work in a respected time zone

● Strong familiarity with the entire enterprise sales process, from prospecting to close, with specific comfort around LinkedIn prospecting, product demos, and early client communication strategies

● A proven ability to coach teams of 6+ BDRs against a lead or revenue goal

● Outstanding listening skills and an ability to focus in on the customer need, as it relates to SecPod’s offering

● Excellent data analysis skills and the ability to independently course-correct if not on track to meet goals

● Impeccable oral and written communication skills with a knack for clarity, decisiveness, and influence

● Experience with LinkedIn and Hubspot a must; experience with marketing automation tools a plus

● Bachelor’s/Master’s degree or equivalent

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