Top Vulnerabilities Report 2021

Proactiveness is the most important action businesses can take in 2021. IT security is no longer an optional investment. Companies that understand this will withstand cybersecurity challenges with higher resilience.
Vulnerabilities are the gateway to most malware and ransomware attacks. More than 12,500 vulnerabilities were disclosed in the first half of 2021 alone. There were only roughly 18,000 vulnerabilities disclosed in the entirety of 2020. At this rate, knowing which vulnerabilities to fix first is the key to make a real difference to your security posture.
This report is a compilation of the top vulnerabilities found in software pertaining to desktops, laptops, and servers. They may be operating systems, network management applications, and other third-party applications installed in these devices which might have been exposed by the vulnerability. You will find top critical vulnerabilities in each month from January all through June of 2021 along with their impact and other details. Know them, fix them, and uphold your cyberhygiene.
Whitepaper - Vulnerable Report 2021