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SanerNow Advanced Vulnerability Management Dashboard- Vulnerabilities Detected, Assessed and Prioritized, Scheduling a Patching Task (AVM)

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SanerNow is a comprehensive endpoint security suite with a well-designed dashboard for administrators to oversee and manage all their endpoint devices connected to the Internet. We’re happy with using all the applications on the SanerNow platform. It provides a single-pane view for administrators and CISOs.

– Pradeep B
Consultant, NCIIPC, Govt. of India


SanerNow is a fully packed solution that deals with internal threat giving you 360 degrees view of your environment. It is easy to use, has solid features, and timely customer support. The pricing is so cool.

– Ernest Darko Mensah
Managing Director, Spearhead Networks MSP


SanerNow has multiple modules like patch management, vulnerability management, compliance management, EDR, software deployment. Today, with rise of cyber risks it’s very important to have a single tool/console to get a visibility into all modules. It’s easy to identify, detect, and patch at the same time.

– Sumit Birajdar
Infosec Manager, Acko General Insurance


Versatile Use Cases for Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management

Monitor All Your IT Assets Continuously - AVM
Discover Vulnerabilities and Beyond with Fastest and Continuous Scanning

SanerNow provides the industry’s fastest scanning to detect vulnerabilities and exposures in less than 5 minutes.

Accurate Detection with Largest Security Coverage

SanerNow leverages the homegrown world’s largest security intelligence feed with 175,000+ vulnerability checks that runs continuously.

Supersonic Patching for OSs and Third Party Apps

Remediate vulnerabilities and mitigate exposures with support for all OSs like Windows, macOS, Linux, and 450+ third-party applications.

Harden System Configuration and Align with Security Compliance

Fix misconfigurations and comply with major industry security benchmarks like HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and ISO.

Implement Remediation controls beyond patching

SanerNow enables you to go beyond patching with numerous remediation methods to manage other security risk exposures with 100+ endpoint metrics.

End-to-end automation

SanerNow makes vulnerability management a continuous process with end-to-end automation.

SanerNow end-to-end automation

Seamless Exposure and Security Risks Prioritization

Manage and prioritize security risks and exposures based on SSVC, vulnerability intelligence, machine learning-based exploit prediction, kill-chain validation, business context, data analysis, and more.

Fortify your IT with complete visibility

Get collective visibility over your IT environment in a way you have never seen before to lay a stronger security foundation.

Monitor IT Asset Exposures with Real-time Scans

Track hardware and software inventory, detect outdated applications, manage asset licenses, and blacklist malicious software to ensure security.

Spot and Eliminate Security Posture Anomalies

Through machine learning, statistical analysis, spot and eliminate outliers and security posture anomalies that threaten IT security.

Evaluate your IT realm with Cyber Hygiene Score

With the SanerNow Cyber-Hygiene score, quantify your organizational environment and stay aware of the security of your organizational devices.

Insightful and customizable reports

SanerNow organizes all IT and security information in insightful ways for teams to monitor computing infrastructure continuously.

Global Vulnerability Management award

“SanerNow’s patch management capabilities stand out from the competition since it can patch all the discovered vulnerabilities and perform other system-hardening actions. Even if no direct remediation is available, SanerNow applies security controls that provide workarounds for the vulnerabilities.”

– Swetha Krishnamoorthi, Senior Industry Analyst, Cybersecurity, Frost & Sullivan

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Global Vulnerability Management award

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Manage Vulnerabilities and Numerous Security Risks in a Single Unified Platform

Mitigate Vulnerabilities On-time with Integrated Remediation

Mitigate Vulnerabilities On-Time with Integrated Remediation

Experience the Leading Edge of Security Innovation

Automate End-to-end Tasks

Automate End-to-end Tasks and Establish a Continuous Routine

Visualize & Normalize


Continuously monitor IT assets



Take control over attack vectors

Detect & Prioritize

SanerNow VM


Detect CVEs and other risks


Achieve audit-ready compliance

Risk Prioritization Logo

Manage and prioritize risks 

Remediate & Mitigate


Patch OSs & 3rd party applications


Harden devices beyond patching

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