Saner Endpoint Security Solutions

Asset Management

Discover and manage assets

Discover and account all known and unknown assets and accounts, delivering unmatched visibility and control over IT environment.

Continuously monitor

Saner continuously collects information on all assets with a lightweight agent deployed on endpoint systems, listing all installed software, current vulnerabilities and endpoint details.

In-depth details

Click on an asset record to view all the granular information such as applications, audit logs, devices, host name, IP address, patches, ports, processes, services, systems, and vulnerability and compliant statistics.

Manage IT asset utilization

Detect unauthorized software, outdated or inexistent licenses, policy violations. Make specific decisions to drive the performance of your IT assets.

Vulnerability Management

Detect vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Get continuous risk assessment without impacting system or network resources.

Identify vulnerable systems and applications

Set a scheduled scan to obtain a report on a daily or weekly basis. Identify vulnerable operating systems, applications and the latest vulnerabilities present in the endpoint systems.

Assess and prioritize risk

Assess the impacted endpoints, OS, and applications. Prioritize risks based on the severity and the impact it can bring to your organization. Set notification alerts to detect the presence of new vulnerabilities.

Remediate vulnerabilities

Roll out a remediation rule or job to avert the vulnerability or misconfiguration instantly. Deflect vulnerabilities before exploits occur. Simplify vulnerability management to a daily routine.

Compliance Management

Achieve closed loop prevention posture

Create and roll out a security risk posture policy benchmark, monitor deviations and automatically roll out fixes. Ensure continuous compliance for all devices.

Ensure endpoints always adhere to compliance policies

Address mandates like HIPAA, PCI, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171 or organizational policy that require continuous monitoring. Execute a remediation rule or job to remediate non-compliant assets. Create rules and monitor continuously for deviations. Fix issues with pre-defined policies. Allow or block applications or processes, block certain access to devices, monitor compliance rules such as system hardening measures, patch level etc.

View compliance reports

Get a consolidated compliance report of compliant and non-compliant devices.

Patch Management

Identify unpatched endpoints

Identify unpatched systems, OS, servers, and applications and reduce security risks. Ensure all endpoints are patched and compliant.

Patch operating systems

Saner performs patch management for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X devices. Automate patch management and cut down time spent on these activities.

Patch third-party applications

Deploy and manage third-party applications across thousands of endpoints from a centralized location.

Gain visibility to patch status and compliance reports

Gain complete visibility of all patches on every device through patch management dashboards and reports. Get patch compliance reports to determine the status of patches throughout your environment.

Endpoint management

Check endpoints health status

Through 100's of built-in visibility checks, verify the health and security status of devices and address IT concerns.

Deploy applications and patches

Deploy operating system to a single device or multiple numbers of devices simultaneously. Deploy software in minutes.

Monitor and manage devices

Monitor and manage all the Saner deployed devices. Ensure continuous security on all endpoints in real-time, regardless of bandwidth or network connectivity.

Fix issues

Through array of actions available, fix IT and security issues through a single console.

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Gain real-time threat visibility

Remove your security blind spots with continuous monitoring and reduce the risk of the unknown.

Identify malware and other attacks

Identify Indicators of Attack (IoA) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC), and other targeted attacks.

Threat Response

Apply threat response measures to either block or contain attacks.

Receive email alerts on newly detected threats

Set email alerts to receive notifications on new threat indicators. Take timely responsive actions to prevent the malware before an attack happens.