So many products: Organizations invest in multiple products, many with overlapping capabilities. And investments are huge when considering the cost of products, maintenance, professional services, training and vendor management. Yet so little security: Ransomware and other malware exploits are always in the news. Attackers exploit endpoints after penetrating perimeter and anti-virus protection. Unpatched endpoints are insecure and easily compromised. Current results illustrate a fundamental shortcoming in how security is being approached. SanerNow provides continuous visibility and control for all endpoints and to every endpoint activity in less than a second. SanerNow is a platform for endpoint security and management — a platform that hosts numerous tools to cover various endpoint security and management requirements. SanerNow queries your systems to find aberrations, and helps your systems retain normality.
Bring saneness to your endpoint security and systems management with SanerNow.
One platform, multiple use cases: Simplify IT security and management efforts to reduce costs.

Array of Solutions

Vulnerability Management

Get continuous risk assessment without impacting system or network resources Gain insight into the security posture and align the enterprise with the security policies of the organization Automatically remediate risks Download VM Datasheet

Asset Management

Track software and hardware assets Track new installations and changes to configuration settings Manage and optimize software licenses and costs Blacklist rogue applications that show up in the inventory Download AM Datasheet

Compliance Management

Achieve compliance to regulatory standards: PCI, HIPAA, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-53 Custom configuration standards Fix compliance deviations automatically to ensure that your organization is continuously compliant Download CM Datasheet

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Detect Indicators of Attack (IoA) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC) Run queries to check for abnormal behavior or unusual network activity that is symptomatic of an attack Stop on-going attacks by blocking applications, killing processes, cleaning up startup folders, etc. Download EDR Datasheet

Detect an ongoing attack, take immediate action to neutralize the attack.
Automatically check the relevance of threat intelligence feed and respond.
Dramatically reduce threat detection and response time to seconds.


Vulnerability Managemnet

  • Identify devices, OS, ports, services etc.
  • Group devices based on tags and functional organization structure
  • Schedule scans by devices, groups
  • Daily vulnerabillity scan
  • Scans in under 5 minutes
  • Vulnerability classification
  • Risk prioritization
  • Identify exploits that could potential use vulnerability
  • Identify top devices, assets and OS
  • Vulnerability aging data
  • Identify critical patches to rollout
  • Vulnerability mitigation indices
  • Detailed report
  • Simple CSV extracts of various vulnerability information
  • Alerts for critical vulnerability
  • Schedule reports

Patch Management

  • Detailed vulnerability view
  • Prioritize patching based on criticality
  • Fix OS configuration issues
  • Map vulnerability to patching exercise
  • Patching impact analysis
  • Coverage of all supported Microsoft platforms
  • Apple Mac OS X
  • Major Linux distrubutions: Redhat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Oracle Linux, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, Debian
  • Manage vast vendor product patching: Adobe, Google, Oracle, Apple, Mozilla, Vmware...
  • Create rules to automatically patch
  • Crete tasks and schedule
  • Achieve 100% patch compliance
  • Apply configuration fixes to stay compliant
  • Schedule patching for convenience
  • Rollback selective patches
  • Devise effective patch management schedule
  • Risk based reports
  • Patching impact analysis
  • Historical tracking of patching exercise
  • Drill down to Groups and Devices

Asset Management

  • Get complete inventory of Hardware, Software and System
  • Get realtime visibility to all IT components
  • Identify and remove under utilized assets
  • Enforce asset policies
  • Gain central access to all assets
  • Discover software licenses
  • Identify unused and rarely used applications
  • Manage license costs and identify license violations
  • Whitelist or blacklist applications
  • Identify deviations and remove blacklisted applications
  • Detailed report on IT asset inventory
  • CSV extracts of various inventory parameters
  • Alerts for deviations
  • Scheduled reports

Endpoint Management

  • Get complete inventory of Hardware, Software and System
  • Get realtime visibility to all IT components
  • Get network segments view
  • Monitor health of Endpoint Protection Software
  • Monitor system health
  • 200+ built-in queries to get instant state
  • Monitor all hardware and software components through query
  • Get continuous visibility to all endpoints
  • Be alerted based on a criteria
  • Identify problems and resolve through 100+ available actions
  • Create Action rules based on possible aberrations
  • Get cross-platform visibility and control
  • Deploy third-party applications and Operating System service packs
  • Uninstall unused or undesirable applications
  • Schedulle deployments for convenience
  • Detailed report on IT endpoints
  • CSV extracts of various inventory and health checkparameters
  • Alerts for aberrations
  • Scheduled reports

Compliance Management

  • Define configuration benchmarks
  • Templates for PCI, HIPAA, NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-171
  • Vast configuration checks (CCE) for various Operating Systems
  • Include controls from, Vulnerability management, Asset management, Endpoint management, Patch management, Endpoint Threat Detection and Response
  • Scan across all devices in less than 5 minutes
  • Scan on demand or on-schedule
  • Detailed analysis of compliance deviations
  • Fix configuration deviations with integrated remediation
  • Use built-in Responses to fix deviations
  • Achieve off-the-shelf compliance for vulnerability, asset, patch and endpoint management requirements
  • Create rules to automatically fix deviations and stay compliant
  • Crete tasks and schedule
  • Detailed report on compliance deviations
  • CSV extracts of various compliance parameters
  • Alerts for compliance deviations
  • Scheduled reports

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

  • Realtime visibility to process, files, events, registry, network...
  • Behavioral rules to detect Indicators of Attack (IoA)
  • Rules to detect Indicators of Attack (IoA)
  • 100's of built-in probes
  • Build custom queries with the available probes
  • Array fo responses such as, blocking the execution of an application or executable, killing a process, cleaning registry entries, terminating a network connection, quarantining files, cleaning up startup folders and temp folders...
  • Detailed report
  • Simple CSV extracts of IoA and IoC
  • Alerts for critical threats
  • Schedule reports
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Saner Advantages


Simplify Endpoint Security and Systems Management

Saner reduces the complexity created by many point products with bloated feature-set.
Endpoint security

Increase IT and security effectiveness

With a signle platform approach, Saner bundles variety of tools for managing and securing endpoints.
 Endpoint protection, Reduce cost

Reduce IT Management

Tools from one platform rather than many point products reduces overall IT management costs by up to 60%.