Incidence Detection and Response

Hassle-free detection & response to security incidents


Why organizations need intelligent threat detection and response system in place?

It is critical to minimize the time from when an organization detects a threat to developing an appropriate response. An effective response needs to eliminate the threat and incorporate preventive security measures. An organization needs to stay alert to signs of new threats, ensure prevention measures are in place, monitor new devices and configuration changes, and close the gap between threat detection and response. Effective endpoint threat detection and response requires a variety of tools, knowledge, and expertise.

30% Percentage of attacks handled by incident response teams were targeted attacks

“22% Percentage of organizations have limited resources available to respond to a security incident”

SecPod SanerNow simplifies endpoint threat detection and response

SanerNow helps detect on-going attacks within the network and thwarts on-going attacks by blocking or containing the attack. Blocking the execution of an application or executable, killing a process, cleaning registry entries, terminating a network connection, quarantining files, and cleaning up startup folders and temp folders are among the responses available. SanerNow uses in-house developed rules to detect Indicators of Attack (IoA) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

Be ready with a smart incident threat detection and response plan with SanerNow

SanerNow provides the necessary infrastructure to detect and respond to an on-going attack within the network. Underscoring the importance of preventing attacks, SanerNow uses in-house threat intelligence to detect Indicators of Attack (IoA) and Indicators of Compromise (IoC). With its built in ability to run queries based on an attack symptom to detect any abnormal behaviour or an on-going attack, SanerNow help you thwart attack attempts.

SanerNow reduces the likelihood of an incident by preventing attacks from succeeding. In the unlikely case when an incident does occur, SanerNow detects IoCs and provides vast number of response options to contain the potential damage. These responses include containing the incident, killing the process or taking other remediation actions to ensure undisrupted operations. If attacks happen repeatedly using the same known vulnerability, SanerNow helps identify the vulnerabilities and suggest ways to remediate such vulnerabilities.

Protect Your Endpoints from Emerging Cyberattacks

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Visibility and Control

  • Gain a 360-degree view of IT assets
  • Identify endpoint security loopholes
  • Realtime control and management
  • Manage endpoints efficiently

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Cyber Hygiene Automation

  • Implement cyber hygiene easily
  • Automate complex security practices
  • Combat attacks effectively
  • Go beyond patching

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Incident Detection & Response

  • Continuous threat detection
  • Increase awareness of attacks
  • Immediate threat response
  • Combat attacks smartly¬†

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Continuous Compliance

  • Achieve continuous compliance
  • Stay aware of risk exposure
  • Regulate compliance benchmarks
  • Manage risks with effective practices

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