Endpoint Query Response

Seal-off threats before they spread with endpoint query response. Stay ahead of attacks in real-time.

Seize Threats with Endpoint Query Response. Run a Secure Business.

SecPod SanerNow Endpoint Query Response helps organizations to monitor all the activities happening in the endpoints and stay alert to security threats and breaches and respond to them instantly.

Keep a close eye on any malicious activities happening in the endpoints.

Detect any incidents of security breaches and stay ahead of them.

Identify the indications of attacks and compromise in the network.

Respond to threats immediately without any gap.

Keep your threat incidents response plan ready!

Eliminate the security blind spots, identify the possible threats, and act upon them instantly.

Advanced vulnerability Management

On-Demand and Real-time Threat Hunting

Detect, identify, and takedown threat vectors swiftly with real-time and on-demand cyber threat hunting. Implement endpoint detection and response software and run a disruption-proof business.

Trigger Speedy and Zero-Downtime Incident Response with Advanced Threat Detection

Close the gap between threat detection and response. Respond instantly to all types of threats and breaches with advanced threat prevention. Endpoint Query Response contains the spread of attacks and secures your business.

Threat Detection and Response with Ongoing System Behavior Tracking Using Indicators of attack and indicators of Compromise

Monitor deviations in your endpoint behavior, including settings or configurations to detect and respond to attack indicators in real-time. Experience the always-on security solution guarding your IT assets.

Gain Seamless Visibility and Control to Secure Your Globally Distributed Endpoints

Get a single-pane-of-glass view across your endpoints, mapping all potential threats and historic responses with SanerNow’s centralized cloud-based console. Keep your threat detection and response activities transparent and accessible at any time.

Threat Query and Response Features to Safeguard Your Endpoints


Indicators of attacks (IOA) for advanced threat detection

Set indicators of attack using pre-made and customizable IOA kits. SanerNow’s threat detection system constantly scans for these indicators in your networks and instantly raises a red flag whenever the attack conditions are detected.


Indicators of compromise (IOC) for quickly isolating affected devices

Apart from identifying new or impending threats or attacks, SanerNow EQR also detects devices that have been compromised by ransomware like WannaCry, CryptoLocker, Fantom, EternalRocks Worm, BadRabbit, etc. You can isolate infected endpoints to mitigate ransomware and prevent attacks from spreading.


Additional control with customizable checks

Go beyond pre-defined checks for threat detection to include additional detection events. Gain better control based on your internally designed incident response plans. Set up endpoint detection and response for advanced threats in your environment.

Zero-day response for threat mitigation with comprehensive coverage

Use SanerNow EQR to instantly trigger incident responses to secure your network. Proactively mitigate threats and evade attacks by sealing off security gaps. Perform both threat detection and response in one single console.


Auditable, detailed incident summaries of all detection and response activities

View detailed information of all detections and responses performed by SanerNow – when indicators were triggered, affected devices, risk level, response status, etc. to get an overview of all your incident detection and response activities.

Extensive reporting and audit logs

Get auto-generated reports based on detection and response metrics like detected attacks, monitored devices, threat responses, and more. A detailed audit log keeps a record of all admin actions performed in a network, allowing you to track user actions on SanerNow.

Boost Cyber Immunity & Productivity of Your IT

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