SanerNow IT Asset   Management

Effortlessly assess and administer your IT Assets anytime anywhere with SanerNow Asset Management Tool.

Achieve Complete Visibility and Control Over your IT Asset Management

IT asset management software to track, monitor, and manage software and hardware assets in real-time.

Software Asset Management tool with Real-Time Scanning and IT Asset Tracking

SanerNow AM runs real-time, live asset scans on your enterprise endpoints giving you a comprehensive view of your inventory with complete transparency. It is the (ITAM) IT asset management tool that works while you sleep.

Get Rarely used Applications, Blacklist Software, and Software License Tracking

Discover key software metrics like rarely used and outdated applications. The IT asset management software also tracks software licenses. These metrics enable strategic decisions based on IT-asset usage, cost control, and license optimization.

Automate Reporting and get Audit-Ready reports from your IT Asset Manager

SanerNow AM provides a wide range of automated and customizable asset reports ensuring any-time audit-readiness. All ITAM metrics and IT infrastructure monitoring are tracked and reported in real-time.

Cloud-Based ITAM for Ease of Access

Get unparalleled visibility, monitoring, and access anytime from anywhere with a cloud-based console that keeps your assets closer to you. Be in touch with your IT inventory management software wherever you go.
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With SanerNow Asset Management, Gain complete Visibility and Control of all your IT Assets!

 Automatically discover, monitor, and track the hardware and software details associated with the network endpoints.

SanerNow Asset Management Software: Take complete control of your hardware and software assets

Take complete control of your hardware and software assets

SanerNow Asset Management Software: manage software licenses and make strategic purchase moves

Smartly manage software licenses and make strategic purchase moves

SanerNow Asset Management Software: Instantly detect vulnerable and non-compliant assets

Instantly detect vulnerable and non-compliant assets

SanerNow Asset Management Software: Be audit ready, anytime and anywhere with insightful reports

Be audit ready, anytime and anywhere with insightful reports

Be IT asset audit ready!

Get a complete audit of your IT assets anytime, anywhere.

Get compliance audit of your it assets

Uninterrupted live IT asset scanning

Run a continuous asset scan and track the live status of your hardware and software inventory. Quick scanning is silently performed on all devices without any interruption. You can instantly monitor and discover your IT assets available at any remote location.

Accurate software usage data

Discover important details like software usage metrics and secure your IT network from the usage of malicious software. This light-weighted agent precisely predicts the usage details of all the available software. This also helps organizations plan their further asset purchases.

Automated asset reports to be audit ready

IT asset audits are crucial in many organizations. Perform a wide range of automated IT asset reports to help organizations be audit ready. You can also customize and create your hardware and software inventory reports based on the organization’s requirements.

Hosted in the cloud with various integrations

Get both cloud and on-premise platforms with various other integrations.. With this asset management software, you can easily perform other IT operations as well like patching, vulnerability management, enforcing compliance benchmarks, etc.

Benefits of SanerNow Asset Management Software

How SanerNow Asset Management Works?

Scan and discover your IT asset details by following a few simple steps.

Scan and Discover

Run continuous scanning and discover real time IT asset data

Assess and Prioritize

Analyze usage metrics and detect deviations

Audit and Report

Automate hardware and software reports and be audit ready.

Essential Features of SanerNow Asset Management

Regular Asset Scans

Get daily asset scans performed across all the network devices and detect any changes in the hardware or software instantly. You can also initiate on-demand scans on systems with this asset management tool.

Hardware and Software Inventory

With SanerNow, gather detailed software and hardware inventory and usage metrics. Instantly, generate standard compliant, audit-ready reports.

Track Software Usage Metrics

Get to know about the usage metrics of the software available on your network and plan the purchase of new software accordingly. You can also track software which are rarely used and outdated.

Realtime Asset Detection

Track the asset movements instantly in the network. Get clear details on the newly added software or hardware lively in the dashboard. You can also detect the removal of any hardware or software from the network.

Monitor Entry of Vulnerable Assets

Detect any malicious or vulnerable hardware or software in your devices. This helps organizations to stay secure from cybersecurity threats and attacks.

Get Asset License Details

Track the details of the licensed OS, applications, and hardware automatically. Get clear exposure to the details of the instances where the licensed assets are installed.

Features to Keep IT Asset Management in your Control All Time, All Day


IT Asset Tracking to Detect Changes in Hardware or Software

SanerNow CM runs continuous scans using compliance checks to detect non-compliant or deviant endpoints and provides instant remediation suggestions. It monitors system deviations in real-time to ensure continuous compliance.

Drive Data-Based Decisions from the IT Asset Management System

Gather detailed software and hardware inventory data through insightful dashboards. Make data-backed decisions and strategize your IT asset management plan wisely.

Track Software Usage Metrics in the IT Inventory Software

Track, optimize, and plan software asset purchase and utilization with software usage metrics. Identify rarely-used, outdated applications or software, across all your devices.

Real-Time Asset Detection to Track IT Asset Lifecycle

Automatically track and manage asset movements in your network, including newly added, or uninstalled hardware or software. With a remote workforce, automated asset management is a key component of IT asset management.

Monitor and Manage Vulnerable Assets

Detect the availability and entry of any malicious or vulnerable assets across your enterprise endpoints with the simplest of IT asset management applications. Whitelist approved apps or blacklist malicious and outdated apps.


Manage Asset License Details

Easily track and manage licenses of OSs, third-party applications, and hardware. Drill down to the details of each instance from the SanerNow AM IT asset manager dashboard.

Managing the IT Asset Lifecycle

The IT asset lifecycle covers many stages of IT asset management starting from procurement to disposal. SanerNow AM covers the middle section starting from IT asset tracking to blacklisting/whitelisting. With growing trends of remote work, SanerNow AM can be called perfect tool for mobile workforce management solutions.

IT Inventory Management

The best way to maintain perfect records of the IT asset inventory is to monitor it continuously. Automated asset management helps in continuous scans, immediate blocking of rogue devices, and overall, a clearly accounted ledger of IT assets that updates on itself. SanerNow AM is the IT asset management software that executes these perfectly.

Software License Management Paired with the IT Asset Manager

IT asset management is not just a function to gain visibility and keep track of IT inventory software and hardware, but also to aid in other aspects like license tracking. When license management is paired with software asset management, the missing piece comes together for IT admins. IT asset management becomes comprehensive in one place.

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