About Us

SecPod is an endpoint security and management technology company. SecPod (Security Podium, incarnated as SecPod) was founded in the year 2008. SecPod’s SanerNow platform and tools are used by MSPs and Enterprises worldwide. SecPod also licenses security technology to top security vendors through its SCAP Content Professional Feed. SecPod’s SanerNow platform and tools provide a paradigm shift in endpoint security and management. SanerNow simplifies endpoint security, increases IT and security effectiveness, and reduces IT management cost. Platform specific tools provide vulnerability scanning, patching, compliance, asset, endpoint, and threat management. SanerNow provides one dashboard with one agent to address multiple high value business use cases. With more devices being connected to the Internet and an increasing number of attacks targeting endpoints, a new approach to endpoint security and management is needed. SecPod’s vision is to create a unified platform that helps to manage traditional endpoint systems, mobile devices and IoT (Internet of Things) devices alike.
Mission: Provide security assurance to every connected endpoint in the world.
Our focus is to build an ecosystem where devices are connected without worrying about security concerns.

How we help

"We have many tools, but no security". This is everyone's experience with securing and managing their IT environment. Organizations invest in multiple products with overbearing capabilities, get trained on each new technology and go through certifications, only to find that these point products are not effective. There are point solutions to every new challenge, but this has only created a procurement, learning, and management burden, while increasing the IT management costs. Large numbers of attacks ensue due to compromised endpoints. These endpoints form majority of computing devices in any organization. Attackers are easily able to bypass perimeter protection systems and network security measures to cause major damage in a few minutes, through weak or compromised endpoints. The footprint of most products expands with new releases and functionality. This leads to a bloated feature set, which increases complexity and training requirements. Feature-rich, highly complicated and pricey point solutions will not solve the fundamental problems currently plaguing endpoint management and security. Compared to a decade ago, building a computing infrastructure is now a speedy activity, thanks to virtualization and cloud technology. But IT management and security products haven’t kept pace. We can quickly provision a computing infrastructure but struggle to secure it. Just as a computing infrastructure can be provisioned, a similar approach is needed for IT management and security. A new approach to endpoint management and security is essential — a platform-centric approach built on the principles of an operating system is the answer. The core (‘kernel’) will perform all the analytical computations required to detect aberrations and deviations. The ‘shell’ will provide the ability to query, monitor and make changes. The ‘user/application layer’ will help to transform these computations to different use cases. A platform of tools, rather than many point products, would more effectively handle tasks. With such a platform, all use cases around managing and securing endpoints can be addressed with a single solution.

Saner Platform is an ‘OS’ for managing and securing endpoints.

Our Philosophy

  • Build great technology; Create simple and exceptional products
  • What is good for the user is the primary motive
  • Be agile and execute
  • Do not compromise integrity and ethical norms
  • Never discriminate against gender, region, religion
  • Keep hierarchy, ego, politicking at bay
  • Make and celebrate life