Endpoint Threat Detection and Incident Response
Dramatically reduce threat detection and response time to seconds

Endpoint Security Challenges

Current tools offer no visibility to endpoints


Today's tools offer no visibility into endpoint activities. Attack analysis requires an in-depth look
at endpoint activities.

Months to year
to discover

discover attacks

Detection can take months
to years, while an attack's duration has reduced to minutes. Signature based detection has inherent flaws.

Lack of automation to detect and respond

Automate detection and resposne

Automation is needed to detect and respond to incidents faster. Automation is also needed for continuous monitoring capabilities.

Radical Approach to Endpoint Security

Saner Business provides Visibility to every endpoint activity in less than a second. Feed threat Intelligence, uncover Indicator of Compromise (IoC) and respond to attacks through a single console.

Detect an ongoing attack, take immediate action to neutralize
the attack.
Automatically check the relevance of threat intelligence feed and respond.
Visibility into endpoints is the 'blind spot' in enterprise security.
Get Visibility.

Unmatched Capabilities

Gain real-time visibility into endpoints

SecPod Saner Business provides visibility into all endpoints in real-time. This includes vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and missing patches, running processes and services, file information, security events, network connections being established, installed software, connected devices, privileged user access rights and more.

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Search through or feed threat intelligence to detect threats

SecPod Saner Business supports natural language based queries to almost anything on the endpoint, including processes, services, users, registry, network and device configurations. Get query results in seconds to help make quick decisions around endpoint activities. Complex queries can be created or multiple queries can be cascaded with AND and OR combinations. The scalable architecture allows responding to IoCs in seconds without impacting the network or systems."

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Respond to Indicators of Compromise (IoC)

Feed Cyber Threat Intelligence in the form of STIX, OpenIOC, YARA and automatically uncover IoCs (Indicators of Compromise) in seconds. Roll out remediation measures instantaneously containing or blocking an on-going attack and also to completely thwart an attack. Block the execution of an application or executable, killing a process, cleaning registry entries, terminating a network connection, quarantining files, cleaning up startup folders and temp folders, roll out security patches and more.

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