SecPod Saner is a platform that provides continuous visibility and control for all endpoints. It remediates risks, detects threats and responds.

Integrated Endpoint Security Solution

Vulnerability Management

Detect, assess and remediate vulnerabilities. Read More

Configuration Management

Fix mis-configurations and stay compliant at all times. Read More

Patch Management

Eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. Read More

Threat Detection

Query almost anything on the endpoint. Search for attack symptoms or feed threat intelligence. Read More

Incident Response

Roll out response measures instantaneously to contain or block an on-going attack. Read More

Endpoint Management

Get asset inventory information, deploy software or patches, make changes to the endpoint. Read More

Saner Platform architected for speed and scalability

Saner Platform Architecture, endpoint security

The Saner platform includes an agent residing on endpoint devices. Requisite data is collected and transmitted to the server. The server analyzes collected data against standards, best practices, known vulnerabilities and threat intelligence, to provide real-time endpoint protection.

The platform provides visibility into endpoint activities and risk posture in seconds, irrespective of the number of endpoints and instantly allows remediation of risks and response to incidents. The platform offers remarkable speed and scalability, does not hog network or system resources, is extremely simple to deploy and use, and is resilient given the new paradigm of always-moving endpoints.

Saner platform offers the agility and resilience required for managing
today's endpoints.
Saner platform’s unique metadata model allows searching through large sets of structured data in less than a second.
Saner platform ensures transient, perimeter-less devices are always protected and up-to-date.

Natural language based search queries

The Saner platform's innovative metadata model makes it easy to search using unstructured natural language based queries in micro seconds. This is the only platform that is fully standards compliant with well-established standards, such as SCAP, STIX/TAXII. The collected real-time endpoint data makes the solution scan-less. You never have to press the scan button and you never have to search and wait for responses.

Natural Language Search, vulnerability scanning

High performance scalable architecture

The platform is highly scalable, supporting large numbers of endpoints without having to rely on a hierarchical server infrastructure. Based on a scalable BigData architecture, thousands of devices can be easily supported by a single server without performance degradation. The Saner platform is extremely light on network resources, consuming minimal network bandwidth.

Patch management

Protect transient devices, branch offices, BYOD scenario with one solution

The Saner platform ensures an organization’s transient, perimeter-less devices are always protected and up-to-date. It allows seamless support for endpoints allowing migration of these devices from the corporate server to the external facing zone server or the cloud deployed server, back and forth with ease.

One solution

Segregated customer data, multi-tenant support

A single server can manage multiple customer’s or business unit's endpoint data, each compartmentalized neatly with different access rights. Multiple segments of a corporate network can be managed by different users. Multiple managed accounts can be created with different accesses based on their role.


Integration, Interoperability

The flexible architecture of the Saner platform allows integration with other systems. The REST APIs expose access to all the data collected from the endpoints, threat, vulnerability information, IoCs and allowing search queries through these APIs.