Endpoint security challenges

Anti-Virus products are prone to let malicious programs pass through

60-70% Malware is undetected

It takes time to determine if a program is bad. Attackers are
extremely sophisticated in devising methods to stay undetected. Advanced exploitation techniques, targeted attacks and polymorphic malware make detection difficult.

90% of malware makes use of vulnerabilities in the system

easy for attackers to launch their exploits

Vulnerability management is complex. It takes days to weeks to detect weaknesses and months to correct. Most vulnerability management tools only detect and do nothing to mitigate. Remediation is a manual process.

Proper defense for endpoint systems

Fix vulnerabilities and mis-configurations. With Saner Business you can make vulnerability management a daily routine.

90% of exploits occur because of vulnerabilities and mis-configurations. Fix them.
Create policies and compliance benchmark, map them to endpoints.
Stay compliant, Stay sane.
Search for 'heartbleed', create a remediation job, apply on affected endpoints, all within a minute.

Unmatched Capabilities

Gain visibility into endpoint security posture

Visibility into vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, missing patches, processes and services, file information, security events, network connections, installed software, devices, privileged user accesses, rights and more.

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Fix vulnerabilities and mis-configurations continuously

Comprehensive vulnerability management simplified to a daily routine. Search for ‘heartbleed’, get the list of all endpoints affected by this vulnerability in less than a second. Create a remediation job to roll out the patch with immediate effect.

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Ensure endpoints always adhere to compliance policies

Create rules and monitor continuously for deviations. Fix issues with pre-defined policies. Allow or block applications or processes, block certain access to devices, monitor compliance rules such as system hardening measures, browser security parameters and patch level.

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Achieve closed loop prevention posture

Create and rollout a security risk posture policy benchmark, monitor deviations and automatically roll out fixes. Ensure continuous compliance for all devices.

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