Endpoint Security Technology

Integrate with endpoint security management software through simple REST based APIs or SDK and benefit from a high-performing and accurate endpoint security platform.


SecPod SCAP Content Professional Feed offers professional quality standardized SCAP (CVE, CPE, CCE, XCCDF, OVAL) content covering vulnerability, patch, inventory and compliance management. Enterprises and Vendors can benefit from the same research that SecPod uses in-house for its products.

The feed is served through SCAP Repo (www.scaprepo.com), which exposes Web Services interfaces to fetch the SCAP content.

The SCAP Repo presents a consolidated view of SCAP security content from multiple sources into one repository providing CVE, CPE, CCE, CVSS, CWE, OVAL and XCCDF information

The Repo provides a natural language based search interface for security content. A subscription profile is created based on requirements. The Repo is easily integrated into your SCAP solution through a set of web services interfaces.

SCAP How it works
Gain access to the largest, regularly updated SCAP content repository.

What SCAP Feed Offers

  • OVAL - OVAL based Vulnerability, Inventory, Compliance, and Patch definitions.
  • XCCDF - XCCDF based compliance benchmarks for various regulatory and technology benchmarks.
  • Extensive Coverage - CVEs and CCEs for various operating systems, servers, applications, network and mobile devices.
  • Professional Quality - Professionally developed and tested security content.
  • Vast Target - Broad content coverage for operating systems, enterprise servers, applications, network, and mobile devices.
  • Daily Update - Daily release, sync with product’s repository.

How to Licence SCAP Feed

  • Redistributable - Integrated with your product, unlimited distribution.
  • End User License - One subscription for 1000 IPs, multiples thereafter.