Saner Endpoint Security

Provide real-time visibility into endpoint security risks
Automatically fix vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
Detect Indicators of Compromise (IoC) and respond in seconds

Simplify and Automate Endpoint Security.

Endpoint Security Challenges

Vulnerable Endpoints

Endpoints have hundreds of perilous vulnerabilities. And 90% of exploits occur due to these vulnerabilities and mis-configurations. 60-70% of malware is undetected. Organizations want to know if they can:

  • > know their risks
  • > secure their endpoints
  • > keep them vulnerability free every day

Regulatory Compliance

Non-compliant endpoints are exposed at the time of audit. Organizations find it difficult and costly to maintain regulatory compliance. Organizations want to know if they can:

  • > continuously assess compliance
  • > create their own security benchmarks
  • > ensure compliance at all times

Threat Detection and Response

Threats remain undetected without continuous monitoring. Actions must be taken once an Indicator of Compromise (Ioc) is detected. Organizations need quick answers to various security questions,

  • > which systems do not have anti-virus software?
  • > what software is installed on all endpoints?
  • > how many Windows Server 2012 systems are present?
  • > are there malicious ARP or DNS cache entries?
  • > is a game software installed?
  • > is process abc.exe running?

Offer Endpoint Security Services with one solution

Endpoint Management

Get asset inventory
Deploy patches

Continuous Monitoring

Get real-time visibility into endpoint activities.

Threat Detection

Detect Indicators of Compromise and respond.

Vulnerability Management

Detect and fix vulnerabilities.

Compliance Management

Detect and fix compliance deviations.
Address regulatory compliance needs (HIPAA, PCI, NIST-800-53..)

Patch Management

Eliminate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Saner Advantages

Product Branding
As an MSP Partner, there are opportunities to incorporate MSP brand with the service offerings.
Multi-tenant Support
A single management dashboard is used to manage endpoint security for multiple clients. Saner allows you to maximize client value while minimizing your technical resources.
MSP Service Reports
MSP service reports illustrate client endpoint security posture and also actions taken by MSP to patch/harden systems and to respond to threats.
Licensing and Pricing
Saner Business is licensed as a monthly subscription with no up-front costs. Subscriptions based on managed, deployed endpoints across all clients. This is also bundled with technical support, security intelligence and upgrades.
Bundled Functionality
Saner Business combines vulnerability, patch and compliance management along with threat detection and incident response. Achieve a reduced total cost of ownership and a higher return on investment.
Product Integration
The Saner platform provides reports and methods to export endpoint security information. A web services API is available for integration with other products or in-house built solutions.
Cloud Deployment
Saner’s offering with Amazon, Google, Azure and other virtualization software helps with cloud deployment.
Quick and Easy Installation
Saner Business is easy to install in any environment. Server installation takes place in two hours and customer evaluations in minutes.