We are unleashing our new endpoint security and systems management platform on
27th March 2018
. The journey began in the year 2011 when an idea prompted by a fellow SecPod-ian created an instant excitement in me. Little did we know, that it would consume the next seven years of our life to build this technology!

Post RSA Conference in the year 2012, I came back and talked to our key engineers. We had to develop a scanner that can complete the scan in 1 minute. Even though attending RSA wasn’t that useful, it somehow triggers my lateral thinking.

Over the next 7 years, each release, we added to the story, until we built something we believed in.

The journey hasn’t been easy, we never chose the easy path

We always knew it was turning into something significant. The inherent quality of SecPod Engineers, people who bring the same amount of passion as you do, day after day, has made this possible. People who are willing to listen to you without any pre-conceived bias. People who keep ego at bay and always know what takes precedence. People who can keep pace with your thoughts. People who can single-handedly transform the way we think. These attributes create an interesting journey.

In the recent weeks, I have sensed some burnout; the fatigue of a long journey setting in is natural. But the goal is near. We’ll recoup soon.

Ideas are mutants.

I have come to believe, the notion of the ‘greatest idea’ or ‘one-big idea’ is a myth. Nobody wakes up one morning with a transformational idea. A big idea is often just an idea that has had time to evolve, to make mistakes and grow from them, or even abandon its original route to go rebelliously down a new path. You improvise, you improve – and you repeat. Many ideas culminate into one big-idea.

I am also a big believer in ‘execution’. Ideas are almost always useless unless you take a step towards implementation. SecPod has ‘execution’ in its nerves. We waste no time, from the initial chat (discussion is a big word) to making it happen.

With all the noises around, staying firm is extremely challenging and I must admit, I have lost my footing a few times. A company signs up a big investment, another company joins the unicorn club, the next company claims ‘the next big thing’ tag, and another company announces a million subscribers. But staying a believer to your own inner faith is important to further the journey.

No Love for Quick and Easy Ways

If I were to choose between achieving goals by any means vs. an enriching journey towards a goal, I would always choose the latter. We aren’t made for pulling stuff from hither and thither and build a glossy layer on top. Someone recently told us, ‘there is something organic about this company – and that I like’.

“There’s no glory in easy. No one remembers easy. They remember the blood and the bones and the long agonizing fight to the top”. These are not my words of course, but we at SecPod live by it.

This journey has taught us many things and we have built an amazing platform that we are proud of.

Future of Technology:

As a technologist, the impact of technology is something that I constantly admire and consider. Technology transforms our lives dramatically. If the 20th century was the age of science and discoveries, the 21st century will be known for technological advancements and the speed at which they are transforming our lives. SecPod is a part of this change.

Computers and mobile devices are influencing us in all walks of our lives. There is so much more to do. Keeping in mind the cons of this change, our life has gotten better with the advent of technology. We are moving rapidly towards an era of invisible computers, not only in the conceptual sense, but also as an entity woven into society that influences the decisions we make. Devices of all kind would join the common ‘bus’ connecting us all. Billions of devices would analyze data and deliver meaningful information to help make quick decisions.

Each of these interconnected devices and systems will interact seamlessly and non-intrusively. The AI-powered services will be available as APIs on a relevant platform. Users will choose their services and assume the Quality of Service (QoS).

Three key areas that would take center stage are,

  • Building computing infrastructure at speed and scale

  • Quickly building services from an AI powered platform

  • Managing and securing devices and systems of all kind

The problems we solve:

Many products, too little security:

Organizations invest in many products with overbearing features and overlapping functionality. Yet, environments are subject to attacks and exploitation. The footprint of most products expands with new releases and functionality. This leads to bloated feature set, increased complexity and high cost. Many products have complicated and feature-rich functionality, but only address a single security challenge. For each use case, a new product with overbearing capabilities is created. Though meant to simplify and secure the environment, the embedded complexity leads to their limited usefulness. We need to simplify things.

Containing Costs:

Purchasing multiple products with overlapping capabilities creates excessive cost. Generally, organizations are paying for unused functionality and CIOs/CISOs deal with many vendors, absorbing much of their time. Organizations invest in product procurement, maintenance and upgrades, professional services, training, vendor and contract management. We need one platform for cost effectiveness.

Building vs. Managing Computer Infrastructure:

Compared to a decade ago, building a computing infrastructure is now a speedy activity, thanks to virtualization and cloud technology. However, IT management and security products have not kept pace with growing infrastructure. We can quickly provision a computing infrastructure but struggle to secure it. We cannot afford to lose pace.

This market needs consolidation.

With our new platform, we have answers to the problems outlined above.

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