About SecPod

SecPod creates computer security software for proactively managing endpoint computer risks. SecPod (Security Podium, incarnated as SecPod) was founded in 2008 with the goal to establish a research oriented information security organization that develops endpoint security software to effectively overcome vulnerabilities and threats. At SecPod we firmly believe in “A Strong Defense, Not a Weak Cure” approach and we are committed to detecting and eliminating risks at the grass root level. With more devices being connected to the Internet and an increasing number of attacks targeting endpoints, a new approach to endpoint security is needed.
Mission: Provide security assurance to every connected endpoint in the world.
Our focus is to build an ecosystem where devices are connected without worrying about security concerns.

How we help

The majority of malware today exploits vulnerabilities that already exist in the system. Keeping systems updated with the latest security patches and strengthening the security posture of the system is generally viewed as a hard-to-do task. The Anti-Malware products that are available in the market focus on cleaning an already infected system based on a known malware signature. About 67% of the malware is undetected because of their polymorphic nature. Signature based malware detection is clearly an ineffective solution for securing your endpoints. Despite having network security measures such as firewalls and IDS/IPS, malware gets to the endpoints because of advanced exploitation techniques, phishing and drive-by-downloads. A new approach to endpoint security is needed which,
  • Ensures endpoints are up to date and always compliant.
  • Provides visibility into every endpoint activity.
  • Helps to detect and respond to threats.

SecPod offers a new generation of endpoint security software that helps users and organizations build a strong security ecosystem.

Our Philosophy

  • What is good for the user is the primary motive
  • Create simple and exceptional products
  • Be agile and execute
  • Do not compromise integrity and ethical norms
  • Communicate and learn
  • Never discriminate against gender, region, religion
  • Keep hierarchy, ego, politicking at bay
  • Make and celebrate life